10 Best Cities to Live in the US

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  1. wannabe to wasabe
    wannabe to wasabe says:

    I was in Seattle for about a week a few years back. The traffic there is the worst I've ever been in. I'm definitely a rural resident and don't even like to travel to big cities, but I've observed that if I would have to live in a big city I would chose Reno, Nevada or Albuquerque, New Mexico. They both must have reasons they didn't make this list and maybe Albuquerque isn't as nice as it was 36 years ago when I moved out of that state.

    The low cost of living in Augusta is due to the humidity discount. Property all over the south is fairly cheap, but the humidity and the bugs make up for it. I think you have to have been born there for it not to affect you, because I found it overwhelming when I traveled and worked temporary assignments there.

  2. dm Kinard
    dm Kinard says:

    I am confused, your adaptation of San Diego is so far off, the "disease" in the city is deplorable! Seattle, take a look, suicides…on and on!? Where am I not understanding?

  3. Alf Omega
    Alf Omega says:

    Seattle is a LEFTIST LOONY TUNE SANCTUARY The weather is shit and on a nice day everyone flocks to the freeway to spend most of the day going NOWHERE. Taxes are high, Police are Corrupt, the Mayor Molests boys and the Governor is A COMPLETE MORON

  4. L Roach
    L Roach says:

    Grand Rapids, Michigan is a very affordable city to live in. We're 40 minutes from lake Michigan .we have wonderful medical centers and hospitals. Four seasons the worst weather we get is snow storms .It's a small enough city every one watches out for their neighbors. It's where I live always will! 🙂


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