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My list of Top 10 Destinations for First Time and Beginner Travelers in 2017. Countries that are safe, friendly and cheap (for the most part) are the best for new travelers and these are at the top of my list.

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  1. Kenzie Brenna
    Kenzie Brenna says:

    OMG YASSSS, you said Canada! I'm from Toronto and I recommend my country ALL the time, we have so much beautiful land, from prairies to mountains to cities to visit!!! And its pretty cheap at the moment because of our dollar!

  2. Blaine Judd
    Blaine Judd says:

    Japan will always, always be my first recommendation. While they don’t speak English (little to none), almost everything is also written in English and japan is so extremely safe and the transit system is insanely reliable

  3. Erik Estlander
    Erik Estlander says:

    Good reasoning of great countries. However Croatias hotels are Europes most expensive and the service in them or in restaurants can be quit horrible/unprofessional…Croatias high-end restaurants are reasonable priced but very expensive for an Eastern European country. Mexicos even safest areas are a little bit so and so as you mention.

  4. Claire Ramirez
    Claire Ramirez says:

    Portugal and costa rica are my absolute favorites. I'm so happy I discovered your channel. I'm traveling around SEA next month and I was starting to get nervous that I didn't plan enough based on the fears and "advice" of my friends and families. I really love how positive you are and how you embrace every travel challenge that comes your way! I'm traveling for the experience, both good and bad, not just looking for a cushy vacation so your videos are helping me a lot and getting me super excited!!!

  5. CNVideos
    CNVideos says:

    My first solo trip ever was a 16-day backpacking trip through Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. This was many years ago, and I would still recommend it for the first timer.

  6. Viviana Chavarria
    Viviana Chavarria says:

    I loved your video 🙂 I'm form Costa Rica and it can be an expensive country when compared to Panama, for instance. I must say that the public transportation is not so good and San José downtown I wouldn't recommend anyone to stay there longer than the necessary time LOL Though San José and the nearest famous beach Jacó are only one hour away. Ticos are friendly and most young people speak English or can at least understand a little bit.

  7. happy21
    happy21 says:

    I'm 17 years old and I really want to travel the world!!! next year I will be 18 and I want to travel in September. Can you guys tell me a good place to travel in September and alone? (yes because any of my friends don't like to travel so I will travel all by myself… is that good?)

  8. MB
    MB says:

    Good to know that you decided to put Costa Rica on top of your list, because I am going to CR in 2 days. Actually that will be my longest trip and the farest place from home I ever visited. I am really excited to go there and just cant wait to get into that plane…. the long waiting before the journey starts feeling so long. It is about to make me nervous. Btw thanks for some good travel tips on your channel so far! 😉

  9. Molly Weidman
    Molly Weidman says:

    Yes!!!! Costa Rica was #1 my mom lives there and I just got to experience the amazingness that is Costa Rica! Definitely recommend it for first time and seasoned travelers. Love your videos Lindsay!

  10. Jamie Z
    Jamie Z says:

    India is expert level – haha love that. Did that first with zero preparation, super young… now, 5 years later, I'm doing South East Asia, Australia and NZ, feeling like a pro haha

  11. cahilart
    cahilart says:

    thanks to put my country Costa Rica out there, we are very pleased to have travelers here, in general, we don't have good english but i guess we can defend ourself. Please, if you goind to travel to Costa Rica, try to get information of safes areas to camping or stay because our country is mostly safe but there are some thieves out there, so be carefull and nothing would happen to you. welcome to Costa Rica, for anyone thinking on travel here. 😉

  12. Travel Monkey
    Travel Monkey says:

    Maybe not cheap even though you can come away rather cheaply you have Japan, when you feel a bit more adventurous and you want to break that the language barrier you have Japan. It is so safe and they are so kind and helpful you will have a blast.

  13. coldstreams
    coldstreams says:

    Thank you for posting this. I (we) feel like the odd ones out. We've not done international travel ourselves – yet our now adult kids have studied abroad and traveled abroad. Your suggested countries are similar to what we have identified for newbies like us – that's encouraging!

    There are lots and lots of travel videos on Youtube but few that are helpful to noobs who are not sure where to start or what to expect upon arriving in another country, especially one in a different language. But we are making plans now 🙂


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