10 Best Places to Live in California

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  1. Seany Carr
    Seany Carr says:

    Ok, now what about the Bay Area? Maybe you are forgetting the Bay Area because the cost of living is so high you cannot even touch a ranch house with a ten foot pole. The 49ers moved from San Francisco to Santa Clara because they cannot afford the exorbitant taxes that San Francisco levies. What's next now for San Francisco? Baseball's Giants moving to Sacramento? I've heard that the Raiders cannot afford the high taxes that Oakland levies and so they are moving to Las Vegas, and possibly baseball's Athletics could follow suit.

  2. Jim M
    Jim M says:

    This is really subjective… Palm Springs, S.F., and San Diego (to name a couple) seem way more cultural and vibrant with more to do and see than these places. I'm sure these places are nice to live in but there doesn't seem so much to do. But that's just me…

  3. yellow driver 602
    yellow driver 602 says:

    I live in California and it sucks. High taxes, high car insurance, high car registration. A governor that is more for illegals than its citizens. Highest gasoline prices second to New York. Strickest gun rules in the nation. Burn restrictions, water restrictions. Sanctuary cities, who needs sanctuary?? Oh the criminals I forgot. No bail needed for criminals. Could go on. Counting my days when I can move out. Heading south east to Dixie.

  4. valencia carlin
    valencia carlin says:

    Living in Ca in 2018 is expensive and I should know because I live in a town called Whittier where we get all kinds of people visiting our little town. I don't know if the droves of people who are visiting because of the scenery or its because Hollywood often uses our quaint little town as its overly used backdrop for many of its famous films, tv shows and commercials. Whittier is a Quaker town with a whole lot of strict rules that the historic part of whittier's town residents have to follow.I won't go into detail but much of the rules of the town are pretty bizzar especially in todays standereds of living.


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