10 Best Places to Visit in Argentina – Travel Video

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24 replies
  1. Samski
    Samski says:

    Thanks for sharing! You're extremely skilled. I like to travel too:)I only recently revealed my first ever movie – My holiday diary in Queenstown. Eep!Would certainly adore your feed-back on my video/editing and so I could develop like you!

  2. sosa89
    sosa89 says:

    Wow what a country! How can there be so many amazing attractions in a single country? Glaciars, mountains, forrests and lakes, great cities and the biggest waterfalls in the world.

  3. 1marcelo
    1marcelo says:

    Everything is wrong about this video. I wouldn't recommend Mar del Plata, Cordoba, Ushuaia or Puerto Madryn to the international traveler. They are nothing special, really. On the other hand, Salta and Jujuy are missing and they are full of interesting culture and beautiful landscapes.

  4. Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia says:

    Hi @touropia , While I do Congrats for this video, it does show really more than just a few spots in Argentina, I also must strongly disagree regarding the intro. What Argentina is today, were not "inhabited territories by a few indigenous tribes", there are several settlements that are mostly in the Tahuantinsuyo path (or in quechua, Qhapaq Ñan path) that shows the North of Argentina was part of the Incas empire territory which were for commercial and communication with the most southern habitats which co-lived with the Incas. These have developed a more accurate and wide astronomy and agricultural knowledge than the later Spanish conquerors. Those evidences could be found across Mendoza, San Juan, La Rioja, Jujuy and Salta, including several ceremonial, Astronomic and Agricultural temples across the way. Those tribes were quite populated under Quilmes, Guaranies, Tehuelches, Onas and more, also including on "Tierra del Fuego" that were populated with Yamanas which give that name to the island since sailors used to see their night wood fire from the coast when arrived. So, from north to south Argentina had a big indigenous population with a close activity with Incas.


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