10 Best Places To Visit In Asia

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10 Best Places To Visit In Asia.
Being the largest continent on Earth, Asia has limitless number of wonderful and unique things to do and see for its travelers. If you regard yourself as an avid traveler, you have to visit some of the best places to visit in Asia. If you are yet to decide which Asian countries to cover in your Asia trip, this article should help you decide. Following are 10 best places to visit in Asia:

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38 replies
  1. JSHARMAC (Jeremy Sun)
    JSHARMAC (Jeremy Sun) says:

    F*** u B** where is Taiwan, b****? This vid is a spla of s***. I'd visited Taiwan and it is still the favorite country I've ever visited. Sh**. This channel's "facts" are always damns. Here's my top 2 list:
    1.) Taiwan
    2.) Japan

  2. Amazing beauty
    Amazing beauty says:

    S.Korea and Philippines should be on the list..
    We have diverse and rich culture and traditions..
    We have beautiful islands and beach resorts like Palawan and Boracay as known to be the top tourists destination in the world for years in any traveler's guide. We serve also as a gateway for socio-economic development, Center for commerce and trade. tsk.

  3. Quí Nguyễn
    Quí Nguyễn says:

    my top 10 is
    1. Japan
    2. Maldives
    3. Vietnam
    4. Thailand
    5. Korea
    6. Philippines
    7. Taiwan
    8. Indonesia
    9. Malaysia
    10. Myanmar

  4. jhone caballo
    jhone caballo says:

    Omg!! This is BULLSHIT. You better travel good cus uve missed a lot. U better know countries and be there. WRONG INFO!! thats why so much dislikes!

  5. Tan John
    Tan John says:

    My country and India are in the top 3, those who have voted must be kidding us! lol.

    My personal top 3 are: Japan for her scenery in winter and spring, China for the vastness, the 4 seasons, deep history & cultures and finally, Maldives for the clear blue sea.

  6. Faařiyä Durrani
    Faařiyä Durrani says:

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  7. Prakash Dhakal
    Prakash Dhakal says:

    mounteverest n birth place of Buddha is lies in Nepal ? Asia no1 beautiful country is Nepal then why Nepal is Not your list?

  8. Prashant Pandey
    Prashant Pandey says:

    where is nepal the most beautiful country .It is second richest country in water resource 8 of the highest mountains including mt everest lies here very rich in bio diversity and natural resource.so you should pit nepal in this video

  9. Julius Arriesgado
    Julius Arriesgado says:

    hindi to naka punta nang pilipinas even boracay and palawan are the best island in the whole world. tarantado to

  10. Claire Kathryn Romero
    Claire Kathryn Romero says:

    philippines like boracay manila el nido cebu bacolod or the city of smiles we vote for philippines its more fun in the philippines the chocolate hills the new project the manila solar city and filipino food like kare kare if im yours i would take philippines number 1

  11. Charles Lee Smading
    Charles Lee Smading says:

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