10 Best Places to Visit in Canada – Travel Video

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  1. OoOoOooh MY god
    OoOoOooh MY god says:

    Québec is the oldest and most beautiful city in North America. It is french and most people ignore that the french people founded canada where even the word canada is a french translation of Kanata that was a native village in Québec. The canadian flag was also stolen from the french people. While traveling across canada, I found out that even the land now called British Columbia was entirely french before the english invasion where in 1858, 97% of habitants were french. The racism in this country toward the founder that are the french people is something I have ever seen else where. The propaganda against the french people is constant and most impressive. As a tourist I was constantly mislead by the english speaking citizens regarding history where they keep on trying to culturally erase the french people, the founders, from the canadian history.

  2. Miriam Chidam
    Miriam Chidam says:

    Rodeos are blatant animal abuse. Participation in animal cruelty/ exploitation is not considered to be responsible tourism. Not sure why you want to promote it on your channel. Disgusting!!!!

  3. Sam Malik
    Sam Malik says:

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  4. Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine says:

    Whistler is an amazing place! I remember going up the lifts to the top of the mountain in August of 2015. It was a beautiful experience!

    I went zip lining which was awesome as well. I also went to Victoria and Vancouver! 🙂

  5. Melkamu Alemayehu
    Melkamu Alemayehu says:

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  6. AlergicToSnow
    AlergicToSnow says:

    I am totally blessed to live in Canada and have been to all these places. I don't necessarily agree with the ranking, however I do agree these are all MUST SEE destinations. They are just a sample. There are so many more great things to see and do here. Sad you left out the maritimes, which was one of my best driving vacations.


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