10 Best Places to Visit in Spain – Travel Video

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  1. jaddy540
    jaddy540 says:

    A few days in Madrid, then get out and see rest of spain. Day trips to Morroco, and Gibraltar are great times also. Tax free booze in the Gib. Look for an old cemetary there where Nelson casualties were buried after Trafalga battle

  2. Tom McClean
    Tom McClean says:

    Narator reminds me of those highly annoying tourists who visit a city, afterwards infuriate everybody by pronouncing name with a obnoxious accent they have created to seem cultured a well travelled. Like BarCElona or Pari

  3. Christopher Jimenez Cabezas
    Christopher Jimenez Cabezas says:

    Increíble video de la gira por la hermosa y sorprendente España gracias por compartirlo. Me suscribí y me gustó tu video. También realizo videos de España en YouTube porque en mi corazón España es mi verdadero hogar y los españoles son mi familia extendida.

  4. likesmilitaryhistory Alan Moore
    likesmilitaryhistory Alan Moore says:

    Why go to Spain, easy because its a hell of a lot cheaper to have a holiday in Spain than it is to have a holiday in the UK, for instance, I saw a fight to Madrid from London, price £10 whilst a train fair from Suffolk to Bath costs £70, SEVEN TIMES HIGHER THAN A FLIGHT TO MADRID Stay in the UK, and have your holidays here and help the UK economy, says the government, yeah right, they have not got a snowballs change in hell of keeping the British holiday maker in the UK

  5. babis z
    babis z says:

    Muchos saludos a todos Espania desde Grecia.
    Hope my spanich aint so bad. Planing to spend a couple of weeks there this year(?) especially in Andalousia

  6. Alice Woods
    Alice Woods says:

    Any body who can help please … I am going to Spain next month and I want to know how is the transportation there. I am planning to stay in Madrid and from there go to toledo, Segovia and Navarra but don’t know how I will get there .. is there trains, buses, Uber’s or taxis ? … I would love to have some info so I can plan my trip. ?

  7. Clement Ng
    Clement Ng says:

    Madrid prado reina sofia thyssen bornemisza art galleries, royal palaces,, segovia, avila, aranjuez, seville, granada alhambra, barcelona architecture gaudi picasso dali, figueres and cadaques dali art.

  8. Veronica Zuccarello
    Veronica Zuccarello says:

    En junio me voy en Madrid!hace años fui en Barcelona, Girona y Tarragona y me gustaron bastante aunque creo que Madrid me va gustar más!y mi próximo viaje a España será en Andalucía, me gustaría ver Sevilla pero se que hay un montón de hermosos lugares en esa región :Córdoba, Granada, Cádiz, Ronda, Almería con su desierto entre otros…creo que ni en diez días podré ver todo ?


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