10 Best Places To Visit In The Caribbean

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  1. isbell frank
    isbell frank says:

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  2. Rhema Logos
    Rhema Logos says:

    Great video!! Let Sheri-Funtastic Travels and Resorts Ltd take you to all these exotic Islands with over 30 years of exquisite "Hospitality" experience, We'll take to the World and our Beautiful Caribbean Jewel! Have you ever Cruise from the Caribbean? Let us give you an Caribbean Cruise Experience in the Caribbean!! See us on Youtube, Call us.

  3. Jelmer de Haan
    Jelmer de Haan says:

    To get in the Caribbean spirit: I wrote a Christmas story that takes place on a fictional island… A group of friends that grew up on the islands reunites after seven years and then something happens…. The audio is available right here on youtube…

  4. Master Right Devine
    Master Right Devine says:

    This is a custom made video to highlight the islands in the Caribbean that are economically and politically owned by White American & European corporations. Notice also none of these islands is about the local peoples rather they cater for you to go and enjoy the beaches and their polished tropical environments while the locals serve you as if you are their masters and the locals are their servants/slaves. Travelling should be about learning and appreciating other cultures not about people serving you hands to feet…….NO PROBLEM MAN……Well there are a lot of problems in Jamaica, they just suppress them not to even think about breathing about their problems.

  5. Derek Darvell
    Derek Darvell says:

    I don't agree to the order, I have been to Jamaica and it is very very lovely and relaxing. I stayed in Runaway Bay and went on trips all around the island and had the most romantic beautiful holiday ever. More research by whoever created this video needs done on Jamaica.

  6. Big Reds
    Big Reds says:

    How this Robotic talking a pack of lies did this ROBOT visited all these Islands and some of these Islands Considered as the WEST INDIES NOT THE CARIBBEAN and this ROBOT can't say that some of the Islands is the best for visiting is not the Beaches alone you looking at but the Food the Entertainment and the down to Earth PEOPLE When you take a look At TNT they have the best Carnival STEEL PAN Calypos tents and the most beautiful beaches so this ROBOT should take a deep research and stop posting BS Information.


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