10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam | 2018

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  1. Zoo Nkauj Thor
    Zoo Nkauj Thor says:

    I like Da Nang. Is not mentioned. It's like an upside down America if you're in Vietnam. There are parks with water, rides, slides, mary go arounds, kinda like a small carowinds or small Disney land. I like the lights of different many colors at night in the city and parks especially like Christmas lights but goes on and off and the firecrackers like in Disney World but small. There are gorgeous tourist ladies through out the city and they love playing with the park's pools and water slides. The streets and buildings around Da Nang looks like the best of Vietnam civilized in day time, very beautiful, kinda like an America in Vietnam. Yep, all Da Nang. Can't wait to go back. I did not really like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi looks stuck up in the past trying to develop into new century. Ho Chi Minh City is messed up with developers trying to cram new skyscraper developments in fobby low small homes and shops.

  2. Challapalli Sita
    Challapalli Sita says:

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  3. Challapalli Sita
    Challapalli Sita says:

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  4. sương pham
    sương pham says:

    Thank you for visited Viet Nam, Vietnam had more beautiful scenes . Hope you come back and discovery than. and if you have any problems or question, you can contract for me because i'm tour guide:)) i can to help you a little:))


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