10 Cheapest Places to Live in the US

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  1. J Pulli
    J Pulli says:

    Memphis and Pueblo are the most ghetto places you could want to live, these places are cheap for a reason. Memphis is highly dangerous on a large city scale, Pueblo has all the problems that Memphis does but it's more concentrated as it is a small city. Avoid both!

  2. ams 15292
    ams 15292 says:

    I live in a 4 bed nice modern house with all amenities. Eat fresh home made food everyday. Have a full time maid and a nanny for my kid. No rent, no mortgages I paid 50k and bought the house. And no insurance's, zero taxes, or debt of any kind. No rat race as I have not worked a regular full time job last 5 years. Are you ready for my total cost of living. It's never over $1000 a month. But I don't live in the US anymore. I left 5 years ago, had a return ticket but didn't feel like going back. I lived in California for 30 years and worked 15 hours a day to keep 2 bed apt and a car. Had no medical and I knew I had to do something different or I was doomed. So I left US. I miss California and US but I am getting old and all the struggle was hitting me hard health wise and I needed a solid break. Now I work online and easily makes enough to live a very good life. So good that a millionaire can't afford in California.
    So far no plan to go back to US. And I am not telling you the country I live but it's awesome, safe and cheap.

  3. Robert Cooper
    Robert Cooper says:

    Louisville KY, McAllen TX, Memphis TN and Harlingen TX?   Are you kidding me?  These are dangerous places to live.  Sure you can live cheap there but if you want to live safely and enjoy a quality of life you'll need to buy an expensive house in a gated community with security.  No thanks.  You can't trust this video when it comes to choosing a location.  Rural areas are the cheapest and safest places to live and if you are looking for cities, try smaller ones like Springfield MO or Johnson City TN.

  4. Jenni Goins
    Jenni Goins says:

    I travel for work and have been to all of these places , I've stayed in all these places.. many times so I can tell you first hand.

    1. Fayetteville AR (Its GORGEOUS and lovely) not to mention affordable..

    2. Pueblo, Co is ?

    3. Harlingen, Texas is great ! with great potential and only 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico ? I personally think Texas would be a great state to live in I have relatives riddled throughout TX. they have some of the best manners, except for right on the border of Mexico and Texas they're not very nice to you and that is something I understand being that we did take Mexico from them , also they all speak Spanish so if if you are near the border you should know some Spanish. they'll appreciate it.

    4. Idaho falls, ID is freaking amazing!! In every way

    Not so good places …
    Um. So yea

    1.Memphis is one of the most dangerous cities I have ever been to, it used to be great but has been riddled with crime, some of which I don't not think is documented due to the city trying to keep it a tourist hot spot.

    2 & 3. Norman & Tulsa OK = depressing (sorry okie's, just my opinion) but not just my opinion.. there is free healthcare for mental health due to it being the extremely high rate of suicides.

    4. Des Moines, Iowa is somewhat Meh but not all bad. Also it seems like people from Iowa just do not age some may say this is the fountain of youth. So I guess it's not really bad.. it's just kind of in the middle. ?‍♀️

    5. Louisville Kentucky… BAD crime..

  5. Gerri Petress
    Gerri Petress says:

    Come to Archdale North Carolina. You have schools close shopping centers galore and one of the biggest show room of furniture in the world. After all the city right next to Archdale is High Point North Carolina the Furniture Capital of the World. I have a 3 bedroom 2 full bath house with 1/4 acre land in Archdale and my taxes are 1200.00 a year. We have the 4 seasons and a good snowfall about 8 inches in January.

  6. Septina Willis
    Septina Willis says:

    The Gulf Coast Of Mississippi… Louisiana.. I lived in Biloxi Mississippi for 25 yrs.. They have jobs and is cheap to live.. Louisiana is cheap to live.. Some areas may not have jobs..


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