10 Top Tourist Attractions in New York City

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  1. Angelica:
    Angelica: says:

    How come a video of a statue replica of the statue of Liberty is in here? I was surprised to see a road of cars next to the statue, and the long white pedestal was wrong…. that was a replica, and not the real statue, which is on an island (shown later)

  2. Seany Carr
    Seany Carr says:

    One of the top 10 tourist attractions in New York is Ground Zero? I think the victims of the World Trade Center attacks would have loved to have heard this. Heck, even "Preppie Murder" victim Jennifer Levin would have loved to have heard this.

  3. Adriano James
    Adriano James says:

    I have been to New York once , the year after 911 , I remember walking around the fenced off area where the towers stood and remember seeing a skyscraper (not sure what direction) where a few floors up there was police tape where they had found more body parts , I loved my trip to New York, I met and talked to many of you, you all made my trip special (this after people here in Colorado told me I wouldn't enjoy New York) , I still get emotional but I am so proud of New York, more importantly , New Yorkers… I came as part of a contingent of Christians to serve , was there for 2 weeks and stayed in Mid Town Manhatten , had a great time for the short time I was there, love all of you… Never Forget

  4. Pieter Duivenvoorden
    Pieter Duivenvoorden says:

    You have too be here once in your life,the first time I visit Newyork was in 1966,allmost 52 years ago…Manhatten ever buy from the Native ,the Dutch buy it for only one Gulden,than there was only wetlands,like the surrounding around Newark


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