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  1. iAwareNow
    iAwareNow says:

    Thailand is the worst place for a beginner traveler… Singapore would be a better start as it is much safer and no dumb scammers round every corner.. then Greece and Balearic Islands.. then Cornwall.. then Scotland.. these beautiful places with friendly English speakers and safer than South America.. also would not want to travel to any Nazi related country so forget those places in central Europe.. Aztek places also best kept out of the question..

  2. Ella Wakeman
    Ella Wakeman says:

    "While Australia is much larger than you think it is"… Ha! That's so true! I've lived here all my life and I know for a fact that this country is a bitch to travel around. You want to drive from the west coast to the east? Forget it!

  3. JazzItUp
    JazzItUp says:

    I’m a flight attendant who travels for work but have yet to travel for fun and I’m terrified lol ..(I know strange right ) I was considering doing Honolulu , Panama City or London for my first solo travel .. Which would you recommend and is 4 days off enough to get there and back ?

  4. TravelingDiva2018
    TravelingDiva2018 says:

    I'm a new traveler; BRAND NEW. I will be starting in the Bahamas in March 2018, then in September 2018, I'm just going to go ballistic (LOL) and visit Honduras, Mexico, Grand Cayman and Belize all in the same week. Whooooop!!! I'm so excited! I'm going to the Bahamas with my mom, sister and a few friends, but will most likely be going solo to Honduras, Mexico, Grand Cayman and Belize.

  5. Angela Muff
    Angela Muff says:

    I'm 17 now and my first travel destination on my own was hamburg in germany last year. My first travel destination with foreign language will be portugal for learning to surf, this summer. Im already really excited about?? Travelling is just a wonderful experience!

  6. Amir5958
    Amir5958 says:

    Hey Nadine. I’m thinking of going to Mexico for the first time. I want to be around that Cancun area so I can go and see chichen Itzu. Do you have any tips?

  7. Sara1FiM
    Sara1FiM says:

    Switzerland is super easy country to travel around, it is expensive but at the same time you feel safe, comfortable, everything is signposted and everyone is very helpful. If you are on a budget then Austria is a cheaper option, similar scenery and gorgeous views and almost as efficient and safe as Switzerland. Only one thing Switzerland isnt that big on nightlife and clubbing, so if ur young and fancy some partying as well be prepared thats Switzerland is not really famous for that 😛

  8. Anjaxxo
    Anjaxxo says:

    The Garden Route in South Africa is super easy. I stayed there 3 months as a first time traveller and only came back a month ago. Next destinations are Ireland and the UK ?

  9. Ellie
    Ellie says:

    I'm planning to travel to South-East Asia when I've finished my University degree, despite being two years off I'm already saving and have wanted to travel for a few years now. I'm so excited to get out there!

  10. Arianna Rivera
    Arianna Rivera says:

    I’ve never traveled outside the US. I’m from New York but I moved to Florida. And I’ve only been to New York, Georgia, and of course Florida to see family and live in. But two weeks ago was my first time traveling without my family, just my friend and I to New York. It was amazing. I’ve always wanted to travel the world. 2018 is definitely when I want to start exploring. Thanks a lot for this video. It was very motivating and fun to watch.


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