13 Easiest Countries For Americans To Move To!

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  1. Texas Son
    Texas Son says:

    Greetings from TEXAS! I have had the good fortune to travel and live in several U.S. states and abroad. I have traveled to many countries on every continent, except for Antarctica. I lived a number of years in both Panama and Germany. I liked both countries very much, but, in my opinion, Panama is much more affordable. It's quite expensive to live in Germany, unless you are earning a substantial amount in Euro. (There is the issue of conversion rates from dollars to Euro.) Panama, on the other hand, uses the U.S. dollar, which is referred to as the Balboa. I have also traveled throughout South America. I noticed that Uruguay wasn't mentioned….very European. On the African continent, South Africa is very nice….Dutch/British influence. In South Asia, if you want inexpensive and exotic, you may want to consider Nepal or India. A "thumbs up" to my "mates" in Australia and the "Kiwis" of New Zealand. All the best, y'all!!!

  2. Sgt Dave
    Sgt Dave says:

    I'm in Las Tablas Panama….you can rent a house here for 250 a month , water is 3 dollars, electric about 40 bucks….bottom line …carefully living with a little used car and exploring using local public transport , 600 a month is easy…..basic medical care is cheap….US trained doctors….heart condition or cancer….stay in USA….but a healthy retired couple can enjoy life for less than a thousand a month….3 hours out of Houston on United airlines….nice nice place.

  3. Eric Thompson
    Eric Thompson says:

    This guy is on drugs crime rate in Panama Mexico Belize is out of control very dangerous places you have to really watch where you go I've been to Germany and the UK cost of living very expensive

  4. Larry Patterson
    Larry Patterson says:

    Belize? Are you kidding? Before you run off to Belize, Google Amandala, which is a local newspaper. Rampant serious crime (murders, rapes, machete attacks), armed soldiers at their tourist attractions, robbery at every turn. Subject to hurricanes and corrupt police: It is not a place that I would want to advise people to retire to. Beautiful tourist destination, as long as you are accompanied by locals who can keep you out of trouble.

  5. Donald Leske Sr.
    Donald Leske Sr. says:

    UAE AND London/UK? No thanks. Been there and 33 other countries and these two are not that great. America has about everything you could imagine and if you choose the right spot, it can be fairly cheap living too, if you are single. The Philippines is my 1st choice for any size family.

  6. its me again!
    its me again! says:

    Mexico… Drawbacks. Cartel activity kills US citizens… Thailand will kidnap children and force into sex slavery,…. Jesus… Goes on and on….. I'll stick to the so called 3rd world USA…. The rest of the naysayers… Go to *****… I live in the great LONE Star State!

  7. Arthur Renner
    Arthur Renner says:

    I have many countries to choose from:  Germany..born there….Hungary, father born there….. I can teach English… so Thailand,,, I have a college degree…. Costa Rica, Equador, Malta sounds good, Belize is not as good as it used to be,  Columbia and Brazil both have 6 month visas, I also like Russia for many reasons.  My father spent 5 years in the soviet Union in a concentration camp under Stalin.  But, my father told me that the Russian people are wonderful people.  A Russian girl helped my father save his life in the concentration camp.  Death rate was 75%.. this was from 1945 to 1950.  Stalin was still alive, when I was born, in 1952.  Imagine that !!   I also like india.  I learned yoga from India and Tibet.  Been doing age reversing yoga for 28 years now.  My 66 year old body, always feels about 25.  Steve Jobs re-read "The Autobiography of a Yogi" every year.  I love this book as well, and have read it 3 times.  I have also learned sungazing from Hira Ratan Manek, a retired Indian businessman.  If there is no food at all, I can live off this technique !!

  8. celtosaxon
    celtosaxon says:

    Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, UK? Why bother… it’s cheaper to stay in the USA! Why don’t you mention the Philippines? It’s far more popular for Americans than Thailand, and why? Where else can you extend your tourist visa for 3 years? Not Thailand, that’s for sure. Thailand is is more beautiful and more developed but is also less foreigner friendly and has a much bigger language barrier.


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