13 Things NOT To Do in New York

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  1. Hii Tze Siang
    Hii Tze Siang says:

    The greatest city in the world is Tokyo… Not NY…. New yorkers are just a bunch of jerk off maniac.. Visit japan instead, experience the tranquility in a busy city…

  2. Barbie Girl
    Barbie Girl says:

    so glad you included the other boroughs of our beloved city! they often get ignored and it’s such a shame because each borough has something amazing to offer! i agree with most of the things on here and i’m from the bronx 🙂 great vid!

  3. Dave Otuwa
    Dave Otuwa says:

    Why not order a sandwich from Subway although the chain restaurant's headquarters in the very state? Please make it legal to order Subway sandwiches in the Empire State.

  4. Unicorn Princess
    Unicorn Princess says:

    Also if the train is Empty or ppl are one side there is mostly a hobo stinky up the train? and don’t got to subway just a regular deli (don’t suggest Manhattan Bc they charge a arm and a leg for a sandwich) and don’t ever take a damn cab in Manhattan unless u trying to late ? and if u stop in middle of street ur mostly getting pushed out the way or some type of attitude

  5. kezan yeps
    kezan yeps says:

    Also Dont wear Donald trump shirt Or Make America great Again Cap.. The Liberal minded people will punch u or you will be hate speeched by the liberals.. Be Aware of those free speech/will liberal preacher will prevent you from sharing your view or what you wear. Irony!!!

  6. kevin Hill
    kevin Hill says:

    Don’t you hate it when your going inside the subway and at the entrance there are regular stairs and a xlvattor( however you spell it you know the stairs you ride on) so you take the moving stairs and someone decides to WALK down the moving stairs instead of taking the regular stairs and now your lazy ass has to move out the way because someone didn’t want to take the regular stairs

  7. Yaacov Davidowitz
    Yaacov Davidowitz says:

    You had some pretty good tips, but some of them aren’t really so accurate.
    1. Absolutely go into the outer boroughs, but avoid Staten Island, there’s not much to see there. Also, if you’re going to go to the Bronx, make sure you know where you’re going, because there are a lot of places there that aren’t so safe (this also applies to most of the city, but mostly in the Bronx)
    2. Don’t go on a Statue of Liberty tour that only goes around the statue, then you can use the Staten Island ferry, but if you’re going to go to on the coast of the island especially if you get a ticket for one that goes inside the statue, definitely do that.
    3. Honestly, jaywalking(walking in the middle of the street or against the light) is fine, just be careful when you do it, obviously don’t do it in time square, but you can on a sewer side street which might have a long red light.
    4. You, the maker of this video are very knowledgeable, but are not knowledgeable enough, you mispronounce things like Carnegie, and you use pictures and videos of the Washington DC metro when referring to the subway.


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