15 Most Beautiful Cities in Central and Eastern Europe. HD

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I am not claiming to be the owner of that material.
15 most beautiful cities in East Central Europe (in my opinion) you must see. Average foreign tourists in 2012. Bucharest Romania, Ljubljana Slovenia, Belgrade Serbia, Bratislava Slovakia,Vilnius Lithuania, Sofia Bulgaria, Riga Estonia,Warsaw Poland,Tallinn Estonia, Dubrovnik Croatia, Salzburg Austria, Prague Czech Republic, Krakow Poland, Budapest Hungary, Vienna Austria. Most beautiful countries in central east Europe you must see. Best central east European cities and countries.

Remember this is only my opinion.
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32 replies
  1. Leonardo Correa
    Leonardo Correa says:

    Saint Petersburg in Russia should be in this video, one of the most beautiful and culturally enriched cities of the world!

  2. Super Dragon
    Super Dragon says:

    I'll have to chime in for Dubrovnik, Croatia. Sweet place. I went to Croatia for a month in 2003. Still the BEST holiday i've been on.

    Went water rafting on the river Cetina, jumped off an 80ft cliff, bungee jumped, parasailed, met an amazing girl, took a rented boat up all the way to Svinisce where i found some amazing natural ''pools'', then went to Split to meet a friend of mine, and probably got the most drunk i've ever been in my life. Maybe things apart alcohol were involved, too.

    Either way, i finished off in Dubrovnik for a week, just a chill, touristy wind-down. I've been halfway around the world since, and only Budapest came close, for a night. But Croatia 2003 is still my number 1 holiday memory.

    Must go back soon.

  3. Denizcan Köse
    Denizcan Köse says:

    Istanbul is the best city of Southeastern Europe. This topic is not even open to argument. Only European European part of Istanbul has more population than your village countries. So get over it fasichsts

  4. Varjag369
    Varjag369 says:

    That is some funny and frivolous list you have there. Bucharest, Sofia, Warsaw…baltic capitals, Vienna and Budapest before Prague. Corbusier called Belgrade ugliest city in the world. Go visit those cities…or your ophthalmologist. And you could also google Split, Trogir, Zadar , Rovinj…dumbass

  5. its.mihai
    its.mihai says:

    As a Romanian I would tell you that Bucharest does not belong into this list. Brasov and Sibiu are the obvious choice for the most beautiful Romanian cities. But Romania is not about the cities, it's about the countryside 😉

  6. Amazing Tunisia روائع تونس
    Amazing Tunisia روائع تونس says:

    1-Salzburg 2-Prague 3-Munich 4-Vienna 5-Moscou 6-Zurich 7-Budapest 8-Geneva 9-Saint Petersburg 10-Freiburg

  7. Iago Dutra
    Iago Dutra says:

    This was the greatest european videos i ever had. Now i have a new dream, to meet this fucking places… Just amazing!!!

  8. malta monument
    malta monument says:

    My top 15 in Random order: Prague (Czech), St Petersburg (Russia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Krakow (Poland), Belgrade (Serbia), Tbilisi (Georgia), Mostar (Bosnia), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria), Istanbul (Turkey), Budapest (My favourite! Hungary), Vienna (Austria), Kotor (Montenegro), Oia (Santorini – Greece), Salzburg (Austria).

    (Not counting Germany, Switz, Scandinavia or Italy on the list).

    Also, Transylvanian region in Romania as a whole was amazing, but there wasn't a single city which really stood out.

  9. malta monument
    malta monument says:

    Remove Bucharest, Sofia, Bratislava, Warsaw and Riga and make way for: Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria), Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Kotor (Montenegro) and Mostar (Bosnia). Though Transylvania (Romania) as a whole is pretty amazing, but Bucharest was the biggest let down in my Romania trip.

  10. L Gea99
    L Gea99 says:

    Great list.
    Without a doubt Prague and Dubrovnik are the most stunning well preserved cities in central Europe. Kotor in Montenegro and it's magnificent bay are also awesome.
    Happy trails!

  11. Brennos Galatis
    Brennos Galatis says:

    Vienna is not the most beautiful city in central-eastern Europe. the only reason to have more tourists is that it has been earlier part of the EU

  12. Aleks Kevyn
    Aleks Kevyn says:

    Worst title ever. You really need to give a accurate title, otherwise you not suprise if you facing with angry comments. The relatively correct title should be: Top 15 most beautiful cities in Central and SOUTH-EASTERN Europe, or "in the Balkans". The problem is this is culturally different regions, for example officially Germany and Switzerland also belonging to Central Europe, not just belonging but the whole region is a german influence area in every aspect, as culture, as architectural heritage etc. (Czech Rep., Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia and the Baltics) South-Eastern Europe is much more relating with Eastern-Europe, which is Russia, Belarus and Ukraine too. But the core of South-East Europe is Greece and Athens, missing from here. Better not mixing the regions, because nobody will knows what you want to show them, and why such really magnificent places, like Saint-Petersburgh, Moscow, Kiev, Athens missing from this list….
    Otherwise great idea with the tourist numbers, but these numbers changing every year, so the 2 years old datas not the actual datas…..But its okay, the music was perfect choice….


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