17 Best Instagram Destinations in the World

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  1. vagabrothers
    vagabrothers says:

    Hello Vagabuddies! – Thank you all for watching and sharing your thoughts in the comment section. Wanted to take a second and address that Alex misspoke in this video, we are well aware that the Eiffel Tower is in Paris…not New York. He meant to say the Empire State Building. Apologies for the error.

  2. Thomas 27
    Thomas 27 says:

    The main Riyad at the Real Alcazar in Seville, Spain
    The Grotto Azura on Capri in Naples, Italy
    The Arab room at the Palacio Do Bolsa in Porto, Portugal
    The Budapest Parliament building from Buda Castle in Budapest, Hungary
    A Sunset on Gold beach in Normandy, France

  3. BloodLegionChannel
    BloodLegionChannel says:

    I honestly think it's for the best…no matter the reason, if it encourages people to travel, I am for it. I personally don't have Instagram so whatever but if that is what determines people to go, more power to them

  4. Ofee Bape
    Ofee Bape says:

    If I had to pick one…it would be Patagonia, mostly because of its wilderness and it being not 'typical tourist' place.
    I live in Dubai but I have yet to get a perfect 'gram gold shot.

  5. Pamela Moreno
    Pamela Moreno says:

    I just found out about you guys! ? I really appreciate how you make your videos, from the quick historic references to the spontaneous hint of humor and conciseness of your topics (well done!). Seeing a few of your videos, I like how you place a written reference to the places that you recommend visiting overall but when you mention specific activities or alternatives within a country or city could you write them? That'd be awesome…Thanks guys! 🙂

  6. M_ akena
    M_ akena says:

    Your videos are amazing!! I only came across your videos a few weeks ago and ever since I've been glued to them. However, I feel like you're missing out on such a remarkable continent…AFRICA!! I'm from Kenya, and I'm sick and tired of the stories told of our continent (illness and poverty?). There's sooooo much more to it…vibrant cities, great music, food, art, nature, people…soooo soooo much. When I come to create my own YouTube channel maybe I'll tell our story…But for now please do tell our story!!
    ??you guys rock though

  7. Hind Kabaj
    Hind Kabaj says:

    How about Marrakesh? As a Moroccan living in the US, whenever I miss home, the 1st place that comes to mind is always Marrakesh and the South. It can be overwhelming (even for a local), but if you can embrace the chaos and appreciate the mystical , magical air of Marrakesh and allow your senses to be enticed, then you might really find yourself coming back to it more than you think. Best times to visit are early spring and fall. Thanks as always for sharing the fruits of your labor with us 🙂

  8. Monica Ravinera
    Monica Ravinera says:

    I got sooooo backed up on yt vids that I just got to watching this video now yes I know its July and I'm super late lol hahaha. P.s I need to one day find some of the secret swings in San fran someday.


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