5 VERY AFFORDABLE Budget Travel Destinations for 2019

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  1. With Pikachu
    With Pikachu says:

    Slovenia is so full with tourists in summer, they come from nearby countries. Maybe it is not so well known for tourists from far countries. Beautiful but certainly not cheap. I was staying in some hostel.

  2. XOh Billie
    XOh Billie says:

    Wow!!! I never knew you studied Buddhism with the Dalai Lama! That must have been incredible to have experienced! Was that something that just happened or was it a course you planned to take?

  3. Bethany Baker
    Bethany Baker says:

    This was great and I can not wait for your travel with kids videos! I wonder if this list would be different if you had kids…less nightlife and more safety and playgrounds in mind 🙂

  4. Mel S
    Mel S says:

    I’m really disappointed that you two would recommend Mexico as a place to travel in 2019. I personally know people who have lost their lives there, and I wouldn’t ever suggest anyone go there to save a few bucks. Mexico is beautiful but with current events, it’s best to stay away. Super irresponsible of you, two thumbs down for this one ??

  5. Kimberly L
    Kimberly L says:

    I’ve had friends and family in Mexico witness drug cartels step into local buses with machine guns and one friend was kidnaped and pistol whipped while traveling in Mexico. As a Mexican I’d love to say Mexico is perfect and safe but it’s not. Even in once safe areas like the Rivera Maya, there have been increased levels of criminal activity related to drug cartels. When I was last there in 2017, there were 2 shootings during the 5 day period I was there. I talked with a few locals and everyone was telling me that they were once proud that the Rivera Maya area was one of the safest places in Mexico, now they are worried that the increasing violence in the area will discourage visitors and impact tourism which accounts for a huge chuck of the locals salary. Mexico is a beautiful place with rich culture and worth experiencing, unfortunately a few bad guys ruined everything for the majority of kind, honest and good people of Mexico as well as for the tourists. I hope things do get better in Mexico soon, but for now I’d stay away from there. If you choose to go, my advice would be to be very safe. Stay at a reputable hotel, don’t use random taxis, and don’t talk much about where you live.

  6. Meggie Kay
    Meggie Kay says:

    I've been looking at going to Ecuador for a month or 2 as my first trip post-Asia. I haven't been anywhere in South America yet and the low cost with amazing things is the big draw for me. I also heard it's a great place to learn Spanish. I don't know if I'll make it in 2019 though. Hahah.

  7. Ashley Coughlan
    Ashley Coughlan says:

    These all look like amazing travel destinations, that I will be adding to my travel wish list. However in my traveling experience it's often the expense of getting to the country. It's great that a country itself is cheap but as a East Coast Canadian I often find in looking at flights to Europe, Aftica, Asia,…etc. is what is the real big cost. How can you afford the plane?

  8. elizabethdalloway
    elizabethdalloway says:

    Thank you so much for including my country and helping get rid of the cárteles stigma. Sinaloa is beautiful and has awesome beaches, give it a go! Also Nayarit is nearby and I'd highly recommend it. Awesome ideas, I'll start learning some Slovenian to go!

  9. Harlem Storm
    Harlem Storm says:

    That hat looks familiar..were you the guys that had a tiny house then gave it up..or something..I think you guys are a great couple partners is where its at.Glad i found you guys again…that familiar hat steered me here lol.Will be tuning in once again.


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