8 Mistakes Not to Make When Planning a Europe Trip

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  1. Ramon R.
    Ramon R. says:

    I want to plan a solo euro trip this year in September for 6 days. I wanted to do London, Paris, Brussels and possibly Amsterdam, traveling mostly by euro train. Any suggestions?

  2. Kritagya Seth
    Kritagya Seth says:

    we are a family of 4 adults including my parents and a brother. we are planning a 15 days more or less trip to europe from India. What places would you suggest and also whats better;staying in a hotel or an AirBnb?

  3. Hannah S.
    Hannah S. says:

    My friends and I are planning a Europe trip – but, unfortunately we have to go during the summer due to our schedules. We want to avoid the most crowded places… Any suggestions on where we should go?

  4. Rey Hosein
    Rey Hosein says:

    hey, i like how you explain stuff, im interested in taking a trip to eastern europe, especially greece, is it safe? whats the best way to get around?, and still see alot of stuff

  5. Janitha Abhayaratna
    Janitha Abhayaratna says:

    Hey watched the video, it's good.
    My plan is to stay in a country may be Austria or Italy, will be working there on weekdays and would be able to travel on weekends, I am going to stay for around 1.5months (45days) , can you help me plan my trip.

  6. Fzn R
    Fzn R says:

    Hey, I am thinking to travel like 4 countries – Paris, German, Belgium and London maybe on early January.. So I'm just wondering whether it still snowing over there or at certain places only. Can you please advise me about travelling there on January such as the best places to visit, and I really really want to play with the snow (because here in Malaysia we dont have snow hehe). Thanks so much for your help. =)

  7. Neha Lal
    Neha Lal says:

    Great videos! I am planning a trip for Christmas holidays. Where would you recommend. We want some cultural exposure as well as we would like to party ? Thank you!

  8. Maria Irene Gomes
    Maria Irene Gomes says:

    for a span of 30 days what places would you suggest i do,paris amsterdam prague and budapest is a must .is there any more recommendations????probably places that would eventually lead us from paris to budapest. our budget per person is 3500 usd for the entire trip.

  9. Paraag Agrawal
    Paraag Agrawal says:

    Hi, I was planning to visit Europe with my partner in mid to late March 2018 for about 15-20 days. I was thinking Spain and a few more countries to pair with. We like perfect weather to a lil chilly, but not too cold. Not hot for sure. We like to party at night, and also take in breathtaking views if possible. We don't like crowded places, unless it's an EDM concert. 😛 Which cities do you recommend we visit?

  10. Jordan wang
    Jordan wang says:

    I'm going to europe for around 2-3 month for a backpacking trip. (april-june)
    1, what would you say the odds are of me getting robbed for other kind of dangers if I only hitch hike and couch surf?
    2, are there places that I can tent at?
    3, if I want to see amazing sites (like amazing natural environments, preferably with water) where do you suggest I go?

  11. Norm Alex
    Norm Alex says:

    Love your tips for travelling to Europe, very helpful… just one question most site says November is the worst month, it grey, damp and cold….How true us this…

  12. Morena Linda
    Morena Linda says:

    Question about your tip #7… Have you traveled solo (to Europe) as a female and how did you like it, and would you recommend? I went to Spain 13 years ago (not as a solo traveler) in the middle of the summer, when tourism wasn't as big as it is now.. And and looking to go back as a solo traveler (but with a tour group) or just sola with no tour group, and eat, book some tours there, take the hugh speed train.. Etc… What are your thoughts

  13. Swetha D
    Swetha D says:

    Is it worth to visit Europe in November? Will it be able to withstand the cold during November? We are planning to travel from India so suggest us regarding the weather in November

  14. Amalachi Mmayie
    Amalachi Mmayie says:

    Hi! I'm planning on going on a European tour this 23rd December on my own for this will be my 1st vacation ever and I want to know the non famous countries to go to. Also what should be my near amount to such for the trip? I just need help so I can have fun and save up a lot. From hostels or renting homes to site seeing . I want to be smart on things for I want see and try New things.

  15. hd7868
    hd7868 says:

    Choosing not to visit the capital cities will give you a more authentic experience of the country.
    Here's my alternative list.
    1. UK – York
    2. France – Versailles
    3. Spain – Palma
    4. Italy – Florence
    5. Croatia – Dubrovnik
    6. Czech republic – Ostrava
    7. Poland – Lodz
    8. Germany – Trier

  16. Gullu Chaudhary
    Gullu Chaudhary says:

    Hi i am planning to spent a whole month in eastern Europe (because its cheap). At first i thought to spend whole month in prague or only in czech. To feel the city completely like local. but now as i see many good cities like vienna , brastislava , budapest, zagreb, split, dubrovnik and mostar are also there. even trip can be further expended to greece (santorini etc). I am a type of guy who dont like to travel too much mainstream locations.and dont like to visit SIMILAR type of cities. I want something different on every new stop. i like unknown hidden, most beautiful and peaceful places to visit.Right now i m confused about where to stop and where not to waste time. i want something DIFFERENT on every new stop. So please kindly suggest me the BEST ITINERARY for my eastern europe trip. I want my trip to be UNIQUE and best in every possible way

  17. zuhair hadi
    zuhair hadi says:

    how if i want to plan to buy a flight ticket, and im from egypt, i mean the ticket around europe.. do i need to buy it month early? or wait till i get to the europe to buy it? and whats your opinion about transportation while travelling around the europe? (plane,interrail or car)

  18. Mohana B
    Mohana B says:

    Hey I am planning to visit Europe for 10-12 days in the late december and early January. currently my initial itinerary looks like this. Rome-venice – Bern- paris – Bruges – amsterdam – Berlin- Prague- Vienna- Budapest. Do you think it's feasible ? please share your feedback and any suggestions on the same.

  19. Chris Davila
    Chris Davila says:

    Thank you so much for posting very useful information. I just have a couple of questions, I am currently deployed in a mission in Africa and can go for around 15 days (less taking into consideration my traveling days), so I want to do a Euro trip. My ideals places to visit were London, Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland and if possible Italy, depending on the time an money, by train. Which of these countries would you recommend having in mind that Amsterdam is a must for me? Also, I have august and January available to do so, would you recommend January?

  20. verobloom9
    verobloom9 says:

    I'll be there end of June, london, paris and madrid.. what are the essentials to pack? Especially shoes! I don't want to look touristy, but want to be comfortable (am a plis size gal as well lol)Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated:)
    Thank you!


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