9 Best Cities in Europe to Visit on a Budget

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  1. Wolters World
    Wolters World says:

    The List Starts at 0:45 for Those That Don't Want to Know Our Criteria 🙂 Also, What Are Some of YOUR Cheap Destinations Around The World That Are Great to Visit that Give You The Biggest Bang for Your Buck? Thanks again for all of your support & Happy Travels to all of You Fellow Travelers!

  2. Artfront Galleries
    Artfront Galleries says:

    Spent 3 months in Budapest 2015 to 2016. 600 EU per month for and all inclusive apartment 2 blocks off the Main St and 4 from Hero Sq. I became addicted to duck and $3 a bottle wine. 2018 to 2019 will be Barcelona for 2 months. Can no longer resits the draw of Guadi architecture. About 1/3 more expensive than Budapest but I have a better chance of speaking some Spanish than of any Hungarian

  3. Fodster
    Fodster says:

    My patents moved from UK to General Toshivo in Bulgaria a few years back. It's right near Dobritch and Varna and also a short drive from Costantine in Romania. Bulgaria is a beautiful country, the people are so nice and when I first visited with my wife and kids the locals would often stop us as we walked by their houses and run inside for gifts for the kids such as fruit and colouring books.
    At the local bar we struggled to buy our own drinks as every time we went someone had already bought our next round for us! Nasdrave!!

  4. Mapinguari
    Mapinguari says:

    The Athens isn't so cheap, but beautiful. Only the ticket for Acropolis is 20 euro, hotels in summer time are expensive. The best time to visit Athens is Autumn, or Spring.

  5. albedo0point39
    albedo0point39 says:

    I went back to Prague recently (after a 10 year gap). Got to say that the hordes of tourists was a big turnoff. It's just overrun with people now; the main square is absolutely packed during the day. Is there an off-season when it's quieter? I wouldn't recommend it during the summer.

  6. Hert Niks
    Hert Niks says:

    What in the F? As an Estonian living in Finland I can say Tallinn is definitely not a cheap place! Everything costs as much as it does in Finland, if not more.

  7. Gambino Gambinos
    Gambino Gambinos says:

    Hotels with 3* Prague 27e by night, budapest 34e, krakow 37e and athens 39e other cities in the video is much more expensive, even more than 60 or 70e. Btw you forgot Moscow only 26e and food is also cheap.

  8. RichSean1725
    RichSean1725 says:

    Hi Mark, another great video! Our family loves travelling and we have visited 5 of these places on your list. We will be visiting 3 more of them this summer. Any restaurant suggestions when we visit Krakow, Tallinn, and Riga? Have you been to Vilnius (visiting this summer as well) and how is it compared to your list here? Thanks again and keep the great videos coming!

  9. Bucky Barnes
    Bucky Barnes says:

    Was in Prague in 2010 and it was dirt cheap / the greatest value — the beer was the best. But don't know prices these days. Also we took a 20 Euro bus ride to Vienna overnight from Prague. And that was an amazing value! (the "Mozart pilgrimage" haha)

  10. Cody McCall
    Cody McCall says:

    Just got back from a trip to England and honestly London wasn't terrible. I got my flight for 800$ and stayed at a hostel for 20$/night. Granted the food was a bit expensive and I walked everywhere so can't speak to the cost of transportation haha


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