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  1. Germain Martel
    Germain Martel says:

    That's why I will never travel to Europe. It must bust annoying to be a local there and feel overwhelmed by the amount of ride tourists.

    Gosh! Besides South America has also a bunch of interesting sites.

  2. TheChrisildur
    TheChrisildur says:

    Tinos is great but the place that really stole my heart in Greece was Thessaloniki. It's the second biggest Greek city and the food there was extraordinary and quite cheap! Don't forget to visit nearby Chalkidiki for a swim in emerald beaches

  3. Robin Gullick
    Robin Gullick says:

    Or, another good alternative: Visit in winter. Yes, of course there are a lot of things you can't do, but there are barely any tourists, its way cheaper and many countries have a totally unique charme during the cold season. Visited Dublin over new year, got up early and walked through the main streets completely alone. It was an experience I'll never forget. Can only recommend! 😉

  4. Edu Lopez
    Edu Lopez says:

    I've been to the Netherlands 3 times. Last time was last year, and I stayed in the Hague. Loved it. There's a tram that takes you to Delf in 30/40 minutes, another lovely (small) city. Plus, the Hague is a great hub from which you get easily to Rotterdam, Leiden, Haarlem and Amsterdam. Aside from Lucca, there is also Siena, with it's astonishing cathedral. It gets a little crowded on weekends, but Firenze is crowded every single day.

  5. Nick van Betuw
    Nick van Betuw says:

    Lol, you picked 3 cities in 1 in The Netherlands ?

    The Hague + Scheveningen is a great deal when we have good weather. The beach is very closeby. Go out in The Hague after a lovely day at the beach ???????☀️

  6. Kim Rob
    Kim Rob says:

    Someone will only go to the alternative after going to the original, how can I substitute venice to a place I have never heard of, no matter how beautiful, or London for another, it seems u don't understand, tourism is about the feel, I have always dreamt of going to venice, I better save the money for years to go there &have my venice rather than a cheap alternative in the same country because the alternative is not venice, its about the feel, that at last I have done it

  7. T. van Oosterhout
    T. van Oosterhout says:

    Funnily, Den Haag (Dutch pronunciation) is rather more authentic than the anglicized version. So the voice-over in this video actually makes a nice try in stead of the usual atrocity. She needs to practice on her Vermeer and Mauritshuis though. Amsterdam, of course, remains the more interesting city, with that much more history and culture. There is a reason why it is so popular.

  8. Sofia Latham
    Sofia Latham says:

    Santander in cantabria (North Coast of Spain) is AMAZING!!!
    its beaches are amazing and there are great surf beaches in nearby towns as well!
    The best time to go is june-august

  9. Bed Id
    Bed Id says:

    Im from the Czech republic and idk why you add Olomouc to this list. Czech has no other cities like Prague but they are realy great smaller towns for visit like Třebíč or Kutná Hora (both UNESCO sights)

  10. UBAD2
    UBAD2 says:

    And one last thing as you look at this video you can clearly see there's no debating it that the evil white Caucasian race build all the structures that you see in the video. Evil white people must be eliminated in order to bring the world back to A Primitive state where people are basically swinging off trees.


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