America’s BEST CITIES to find WOMEN

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  1. eyreland
    eyreland says:

    Good job covering up San Deigo as a potential death trap …

    Location: San Diego
    Description: A city prized for it's mild climate and beaches, San Diego will find this proximity to the Pacific its doom. Without mountains as a solid backdrop, waves will wash in and out, over San Diego, as though it were a beach. This will scour the city clean, dragging most of it out to sea and depositing the rest inland as flotsam. Those seeking San Diego after the shift will be shocked to find it apparently missing. And the remnants will in any case go under water within two years, due to polar melting.
    ZetaTalk 1:

  2. eyreland
    eyreland says:

    The Zetas talk about How to Prepare, what First Steps to take, what What Mindset to have for that Most Terrible Day and the Last Weeks Countdown and How to Identify the hour of the shift; what general Safety Measures can be taken but why the people of India should Prepare for Death; the severity of the Earthquakes and Volcanoes such as Yellowstone that will occur and how to Survive the Quakes and Rapid Shift and Rampaging Water and why a Shallow Trench works best; how long the Gloom and rise in Sea Level and Atmosphere Loss will last; how the Seasons Shift and when to Restart Gardens; what are Safe Places and Safe Structures; what dry lake beds like the Salt Flats offer; that not all water will be Safe Water; that where there is local danger from Nuclear Stockpiles that Pollutants will have dissipated; that we should prepare ahead of time to avoid a Last Minute Panic but the Level of Preparation and when to include Friends and Family will vary; that Countdown Signs will announce that the Hour of the Shift is at hand, and Certainty can be determined. The Zetas talk about what life on Earth will be like in the Aftertime; What will Survive and how the Pole Shift is a Great Equalizer; how Manna from Heaven may be found in some locales; that there will be Government Collapse, but that there will be Survivors including responsible folks who will act as a Mainstay for Others; that worldwide there will be Devastated Cities with even the Machine Age halted, but New Energy sources will be on the upswing and even the Internet will be functional; but that stocks and paper money will be Worthless Money.

    The Zetas talk about whether it is myth or truth that the Pole Shift is caused by a planetary Vortex; whether the Earth will experience a Polar Heatwave or Shift Meltdown; whether intervention is possible or are the Cataclysms Inevitable and Wishful Thinking fruitless; if the Rebel Planet has always approached From Orion; if there are 12th Planet Moons; whether earthquakes and volcanic activity are caused by Electro-Magnetic Pulse, and whether an Asteroid Impact could account for the geological evidence. The Zetas explain how comet NEAT V1 and a 2MASS Denial and asteroid 1997 XF11 and 2002-NT7 were covert warnings, and Comet Lee a concession; how movies such as The Core are a message, and there may be a New Game Plan afoot.

  3. sam someone
    sam someone says:

    My question is where do you find your results what research do you do for these videos? And do you actually go to these places or do you just read what you see on your screen? Im not trying to be a dicm im seriously curious

  4. Robbie Vasquez
    Robbie Vasquez says:

    If you have to go to a certain city to find a partner wow that speaks volumes serious maybe its the guy that has issues & him going to a certain city will not only show the individual that it isn't the Girl but the Guy who has serious issues maybe mental or odd or maybe dysfunctional equipment that will never satisfy the opposite sex its a two way street when it comes to those roadblock issues but it ain't certainly the city its an excuse women are the same all around the world


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