America’s best fast food burgers

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  1. Blessing Taylor
    Blessing Taylor says:

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  2. Charlie Newman
    Charlie Newman says:

    Five Guys burgers are good, but incredibly overrated.
    Whataburger makes a great burger.
    Shake Shack burgers are okay, the most overrated burgers ever.
    In-n-Out is a good burger but I'd rather go to Pink's for a hot dog in L.A.
    Personally, I prefer White Castle's sliders, Culver's cheeseburgers and Steak & Shake's burgers to any of those except Whataburger.
    I remember an Arkansas chain named Minute Man that I liked a ton…don't know if they're still with us.

  3. CL L
    CL L says:

    They actually got my top 3 in, not bad. Shake Shack doesn't deserve to be on the list IMO. Fast food is about convenience and capital efficiency ratio. Some function of quality in the numerator, some function of price in the denominator plus a small term for convenience. I've never had a filling meal at Shake Shack for less than $25, and it was always with a much longer wait, and they're usually located in some mid-high end department store cluster. Five Guys, Whataburger, and In n Out deserve it though.

  4. Yahoo Yahoo
    Yahoo Yahoo says:

    5 guys is very mediocre… wtf….. i dont understand how people orgasm all over them selves over that shit !… and Whataburger is 10 times better than nasty ass 5 guys …?

  5. Justin Taua
    Justin Taua says:

    He hasn't tried a standard burger in New Zealand;, where all the beef is 100% grass-fed. None of this Yankee grain-fed GMO rubbish. All the vege's (tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cabbage, beetroot…etc) contained in them are also non-GMO by regulation. As far as egg-burgers go; they're everywhere. None of this of North American litigation nonsense; for fear of salmonella.

  6. I'm actually the Stig
    I'm actually the Stig says:

    Five guys!!!! We have one in Exeter UK….shhhh I have been known to not tell the wife and kids that I'm going ?

    I've booked time off work without telling anyone, just so I can go to five guys alone…..if I'm honest, I just wanna be left alone with five guys……….ok that sounds wrong.

  7. D.R. W
    D.R. W says:

    I can’t believe people will go to McDonald’s and BKing where the patties were cooked last ice age, when you can get fresh and hot like these.

  8. Marlo Stanfield
    Marlo Stanfield says:

    1st its not free the burgers r from $7.00 to 9.00 dollars not cheap.But its also a niggers paradise.I remember when u were able 2 put tomato's & peppers on a sandwich & it was free.But when the niggers got 2 go & order out they gotta put everthing that was free on the sandwich & fucked it up it was free at 1 time but when u got 10 of them & they want everything on it u c where i am getting at so thanks 2 the animals….


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