Asia’s 10 Poorest Countries

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  1. Maz Echa
    Maz Echa says:

    Illuminating freemason bohemian American country is the one who made my brother afghanistan suffered from poverty caused fitnah conspiracy 9/11.
    Imaam mahdi and jesus alaihissalaam will destroy all of you illuminating bastard.
    Will destroy your bankers who conquered all banks in the world.
    Will destroy and change paper currency and digital currency to be gold and silver money (dirham dinar).
    Just wait this revenged

  2. Angel Ubiles
    Angel Ubiles says:

    These countries are so poor cause of governments who exploid their riches to other countries for profit and keep it all. Cause if you notice most of these countries are rich in resources just pray. Accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and keep the true Sabbath day Holy. Saturday. God bless you all.


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