Cheap Places to Travel | 10 USD a Day

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  1. Jessica Ang
    Jessica Ang says:

    I’m not sure about my safety on some of the countries on the list, but I’ve been to Turkey, some Eastern European countries, and the Philippines where my travel experiences were quite awesome. I think of the three places above, the beautiful Philippines was the cheapest so far to travel and where I felt most at home since almost everyone spoke English.

  2. rolback
    rolback says:

    Many parts of Pakistan are not safe at all for western people. I have a Pakistan friend who will not take his western wife to visit family for fear she might get shot on the street because she is white. You've been warned.

  3. Pam
    Pam says:

    Since you're a robot I'd imagine it would be rather inexpensive to travel almost anywhere. Shame on you for promoting racism & prejudice by not including places where people of a darker hue live!!!!

  4. Elizabeth James
    Elizabeth James says:

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  5. Minnie
    Minnie says:

    Why are you using a female computer voice when you are clearly a man? Come on, talking about hitching rides in Iran and the beautiful women there. You're a dude, so if you insist on using an annoying computer voice, at least use a male annoying computer voice. And isn't Venezuela in the middle of falling apart, with riots and people going hungry? I wouldn't go there unless I was on a humanitarian mission. It's certainly not an appropriate tourist destination right now. Also, I noticed you mentioned couch surfing a lot. So these places are cheap, if you intend to sleep at a stranger's house? Come on, what about hotel prices? Most people don't set out to travel somewhere, with the idea of sleeping on strangers couches. And you mentioned partying and beer a lot. But didn't mention much about local culture or museums and other places of interest. Just lots and lots of talk about beer. And underground parties. I hope you know, in some of those countries, the reason they have underground parties is because drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden and they will send your butt to jail just as quickly as they'll send a local to jail.

  6. jamaan salamh
    jamaan salamh says:

    مرحبا ? عاشق الطبيعه والمغامرات والتراث والمناظر من حول ? العالم تصوير ? فديوا قمه الروعه والتميزوالمرح والمتعه تحياتي للجميع ? ? ?


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