El Nido Las Cabanas Beach Southeast Asia Best Beaches

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  1. paul joe
    paul joe says:

    Man your living the life , i never made to el nido , i wanted to go back in 91 ,we where in port barton . With my then new pinay wife , the road was dusty bumpy dirt , her and her mom protested haha . ? . Its over crowded now ? Still looks good .
    You got a another girl ? Whaaa?

  2. Ritchie Marsteller
    Ritchie Marsteller says:

    Awesome , awesome video. The quantity is outstanding and very informative. I would like to know. Is the hotel in the area that you staying in relatively safe did the hotels offer a security safe? some of the other things I think about when watching your videos you said to give you comments someone like me who was never there I think about what else is there to do in the area besides what you show in your video of course your video is great. For example when you were in El Nidoand it took you an hour or so to drive down to Cabana in your travels if you wanted to stop along the way what else did you see that would hold someone's interest and allow them to do something you know more or less day trips throughout your time that you spend there it's great that you talk about prices it's very important to understand what a meal cost in a drink with a hotel cost etc etc. One of the other things I thought about was the obvious how did you get there airplane? Are there local airports on the island or is it a big international airport. if there is an airport can you rent a car I don't really see any cars in your video how do you get from the airport to your hotel? I think you get my idea just trying to cover a little more roundabout information on how you get there not only what you show but what else is there to do in the area etc etc there's one thing I have noticed when I watched another one of your videos is there a specific place in the Philippines or the water has some half-decent waves where you can boogie board or surf I have not seen that yet I love the water in the beach but I do prefer waves that I can go out and have fun in please get back to me with everything I have written thanks

  3. american in Singapore
    american in Singapore says:

    Dude, you dont need to have your videos sooo long…I know your trying to capture as MUCH of the PI and your woman's beauty, but you can DO the same quality and quantity with a simple 8- 9 min video MAX. JUst edit , edit and then edit some more. I know it hurts to leave the "lead in" parts and the following parts on the cutting room floor..My brother , David Bond ( look it up on youtube) is a master at this.. He will go out on a boat in Thailand , and shoot 120 min worth of footage of him and his woman and condense it to 12min max!!!….
    You will pick up more subs with a shorter vid times as well– and wont need to put in "irritating" ad sense stops in like what you have on these 20 min or longer videos…..In fact once you hit 50K subs youll DROP the "ad sense stops" in your videos completely , gaining even more Subs..David says he doesnt even care about the ad sense- He just tries to gain 5k subs each month – which works out to be waaaay more money..Not slammin–Just trying to help you bro..

    Oh the little 45-60 second segment at the end of your vids where you show "snapshots" of your girl are actually pretty good..I'm going to suggest to David that he " do the same..", because its a nice way to END off the video…

  4. T.R.
    T.R. says:

    Another beautiful and informative video. Thank you! I liked the pictures of "the beach beauty" aka "Adorable Tiny Island Girl" at the end of the vid. (M is also very pretty, but a bit shy compared to J, the "personality girl" who gets discounts at shops by using her charm.)

  5. AR ES
    AR ES says:

    The island hopping tour business has immortalized Amanda Huggenkiss haha. It's funny how fast change happens. Even though a new and still empty mall has been built it's still not too bad but I'm guessing in the next couple of years that place will be overcrowded with even more development.

  6. Mark Bucken
    Mark Bucken says:

    Great vid again… nice to see J coming into her own with vlogging… M's a little quiet but maybe 3rd wheel syndrome… Thanks again for the post and glad you're feeling better!!

  7. Keith Woodward
    Keith Woodward says:

    Get the girls some bar soap and let them do the laundry, they need to experience the hand washing, I still do it here at my house in the States, gets clothes much cleaner.

  8. Gary Tesla
    Gary Tesla says:

    Hi Todd, I hope I got your first name right. Just a suggestion and with all due respect to you and your privacy but why don't you video record yourself. You video record J and M but not yourself, why ?? I'm sure you're a handsome guy or otherwise J and M wouldn't be with you.

  9. El Nido
    El Nido says:

    Stayed in that newly built hotel a couple of years ago. It was still like a building site.

    Considering it was newly built the room had a leak in the ceiling. And the rooms next door were smelling bad of new paint.

    There are no lights along the beach so if it's raining your get drenched trying to find you way to the steps that lead to the roadside.

    The beach is beautiful but because it rained there was no time to enjoy it.

    Nacpan beach is stunning.

  10. TheFrickshow
    TheFrickshow says:

    you got 2 girls who having a free holiday and you pay 100peso/kg for laundry?? when i did my travel gf did the washing… and soon the price will be 150/kg .. 30-50P is normal!! man PI have changed… 10 years ago no fat white whales asses greeted me on the beach in the morning…lol


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