Europe’s Top Destination of 2018 is in Poland?!

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  1. Janfon Lee
    Janfon Lee says:

    Hello Boss, many Chinese have worn out their welcome in England, France, Italy, Swiss, you get the point. I have a silly question for you if I may. Do the Polish people have a higher tolerance for rudeness people? And if those people happen to be Chinese, how will let say people in Warsaw reacts. Poland is a Western Civilized Country. And most these Chinese are from 2, 3, 4, tier cities and rural country. I wonder how the local people's reaction.

  2. 张志鹏
    张志鹏 says:

    Because only very small percent of people in China can get access to YouTube and they don't know what isVPN, there are so many “carrier”s (That's what they call themselves)on bilibili. Maybe you can try to open an official account and upload your videos?

  3. Jonathan Lin
    Jonathan Lin says:

    Kaja, you are more popular than you thought in China, the view number on that video prove it all, so maybe it's time for you to make your own account and upload your own videos, there's a big market waiting for you

  4. Shifu Wang
    Shifu Wang says:

    I am considering where I should call home too.

    I am Chinese, lived in Shanghai for the past 6+ years, and came to Warsaw from Shanghai just 3 days ago for work. The apartment I rent is close to the "Mordor" part of Mokotów, and I work not far from the airport. So I think it's fair to say I haven't seen any of the best parts of Warsaw, but I already started to like to city.

    Half a year ago, I saw a job opportunity in Warsaw and started considering moving my family here. That's when I came across one of your videos on Youtube and made a subscription. It is just funny, to see a Polish girl enjoying living in Shanghai so much, while I plan to move my family from Shanghai to Warsaw :-).

    My plan is to travel and learn more around here, and make my decision in 3 months. Though I think Warsaw will win as a better place to raise a child. Or I may be more ambitious and set up a place I can call "home" in both cities? I will try and find out.

    Hope you can find a wonderful answer to your question about home setting soon.

  5. Passerby_X
    Passerby_X says:

    5:24 Someone said:1.We are friendly,welcome and be happy here everyday. 2.Someone said :This is not her,she doesn't know,it's just a copy from Youtube…3.Recent years,so many foreigners in chinese video platforms.4.Little girl,you wear so little in winter,that's why you got cold…5:It's the hardest thing to get used to somewhere else from your home country,you got a long way to go….etc etc. They just blah blah blah!


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