How to Plan a Honeymoon in Europe

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  1. ivana Gama
    ivana Gama says:

    im planning my honeymoon in november for 10 days london and paris any suggestions…where should we stay nice cheap hotel i will love one with a view toughts about airbnb

  2. Megan
    Megan says:

    I love your enthusiasm. Cold April day in NY, just kicking back and watching Woltersworld vids. My serious boyfriend and I said we want to visit Norway together and I want to take him to see Germany (our heritage) and Poland together. Poland is the best country I've ever been to.

  3. Faces Of Ony
    Faces Of Ony says:

    Europe has an intricate connection with romance deep inside the hearts of many. Everyone dreams about that romantic honeymoon in Europe at least once in their lifetime. You will feel such blissful affection when you breathe in the European air once you step into its cities. The picturesque tombstones, snowy landscapes, rugged terrain, open-ended populaces; every bit of them has a part in the panoramic depiction of this heavenly place.

  4. Fraknoff
    Fraknoff says:

    Actually, that's a pretty good video even for single people. I mean, except the "two of you only" part, every other advices are good for any travel :p

  5. OnTheGoWithCarson
    OnTheGoWithCarson says:

    We're not engaged.. yet 🙂 but I'm pretty sure we'll be honeymooning in Greece or Italy and we'll be doing 2-3 weeks wherever we go. This video is good! I think this advice could go for a lot of honeymoon destinations.

  6. Douglas Smiley
    Douglas Smiley says:

    I did my honeymoon last September. We did about 6 days in Paris, and then split 7 or so between Ghent, Brussels, Bruges, and Antwerp. It was GREAT. Some might think the 6 days in Paris is too much, but we don't regret it at all. All that time and we still didn't find time to see everything we wanted.

  7. Josef Jochem
    Josef Jochem says:

    Great videos for travelers. I have a question for Mark and anyone who can shed light on the issue of paying taxes to the US government while living abroad (as an American citizen). I'm just guessing that Mark is an American given his accent but any help from anyone would be great. I know this is random but I thought the best info would come from those who have lived abroad.

  8. Anthony Lauder
    Anthony Lauder says:

    I was on vacation in Sri Lanka, and met an English couple on their honeymoon in the hotel bar. The told me that both sets of parents insisted on waving goodbye to them at Heathrow, then announced "surprise, all four of us are coming with you!" and expected the couple to be delighted. Not surprisingly, having both sets of parents in the neighbouring rooms, and insisted on eating all meals together, removed all romance from the honeymoon.

  9. TheLanciaFan
    TheLanciaFan says:

    I got married in 2013 in Argentina and we went to París, Prague, Berlin, Milano and Madrid on honeymoon. Sometimes the Easyjet flights were cheaper than the taxi to the airport.
    Its a matter of programming the right moment of the year and browsing the web A LOT. Sometimes you get tired and frustrated but it s a trip that will be with you your whole life.


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