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  1. Gerrylynn Mako
    Gerrylynn Mako says:

    I like Asia better than Latin American because the service and people are generally better. The food as well. Atleast in Asia they attempt to communicate with you and realize their job is predicated on good service to tourists. Latin America doesn’t give shit about that it’s like they can’t make the connection between good service and making more money. Really sad l.

  2. Trí Nguyễn
    Trí Nguyễn says:

    Awesome! I'm Vietnamese and I really happy with your experience in Viet Nam. I love traveling so hope connect with you on Facebook and We can share about the traveling experience!

  3. selinarminé becky
    selinarminé becky says:

    cheapest for me was Egypt by a landslide, I once bought 3 falafel sandwiches and a coke for 50cents. In another town I found a man selling containers of kosherie and rice-pudding for 50 cents a pop, two of those and you're set for the day!

  4. Vani Diaz
    Vani Diaz says:

    Hai Alex Thanks for your video of budget tips at Vietnam. U said that u just take $25 at Halong Bay. How can? coz when I'm searching it, it's expensive. Can you give me an information? Thanks. ?

  5. Mathieu Tallard
    Mathieu Tallard says:

    The cheapest and the most beautiful country i went to is the cheapest and most beautiful country on the planet but because i got attack and robbed, it was also the most expensive but i got the live like a rock star for a few weeks before the event. Yes, i'm talking about Venezuela, the year air lines stopped landing there. Too bad it's so dangerous. I don't know how you can tell people how to travel a country for really cheap went it's you first time there yourself. I don't get it. Also, as a Canadian, what will happen if i present myself on a road border without visa? They should sell me one, not turning me back ? Can i get one in Cambodia for Vietnam ? Should i skip Thailand because it's a saturated country and many say it's now over price and also skip Cambodia because it's poor on nice beaches and just go to Vietnam ? I travel with home made scooter, i'm never on foot and can easily be outside beaten tracks anywhere. I love deserted beaches because all over tanning is the only way for me and of course, i am not a monk and like also fun with girls. I have three months. Of course, if i find paradise, i will spend the 3 months there instead of traveling all over those countries. Nice deserted beach, a cheap hotel and a few girls to take good care of me. i stay there !! Why looking elsewhere. What is the country between Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam i have the most chances to find my paradise? Thanks

  6. Florian Innefable
    Florian Innefable says:

    I used to live in Arménia for a year super cheap also Georgia and peoples are really welcoming so even without hostel you can get a free bed with super cool company also Iran super cool more the north peoples are really cool over their and for finish Balkan used to live in the region for a year and is suoer cool.
    hey man are you still in vietnam or in asia I wanna go their you seem cool could be amazing travel togetheir peoples always love travelling with me, let me know


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