Is Manila safe for tourists? | exploring the most dangerous city in Southeast Asia

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  1. Rolyn kief
    Rolyn kief says:

    philippines is a beautiful country especialy manila one of the reason of coures our new mayor in manila,mayor isko moreno it's so clean their anywhere you go their you're safe…

  2. ET Colson
    ET Colson says:

    Try reading history of places you visit before you go, it makes your visit twice as interesting – Philippines were controlled by Spain and the governing of all of Spain's new world holdings back then was based in mexico city, up until the Mexican revolution – i have lived on both ends (MX and PH) and currently live in Costa Rica with my Philippine wife – we eat rambutans and lanzones imported from Ph to Central America by the Spanish mariners – they drink Boraco coffee from seeds of coffee trees over here (PS – there are even streets in PH named Pancho Villa and Benito Juarez as well as I believe Simon Bolivar – heros and revolutionaries of Mexican history)

  3. Jose Ajero
    Jose Ajero says:

    Sorry delayed response. Your title is very offensive to 104M Filipinos, to about 3 M.OverseasFilipinoWorker (OFW) & 13M of them scattered in different countries. PH people as per record, is rank no.1 on text users worldwide carries w/ it the millions subscribers Honestly,I am now very skeptical to put in my visiting list the city of New York. Remember the twin tower incident known now as 9-11? Anyway thank you for having giving Manila that chance by personally coming & rendered a fair evaluation of knowing the truth contradicting the PH haters' bad/ malicios attitudes. Wish U then, the best of luck dear. Thanx.

  4. Chard LionHeart
    Chard LionHeart says:

    Hi #byKaja, There are lots of Foreigners like Kulas, Finnsnow, Mike and Nelly who explore the Philippines, meet them if you have time. Thanks by the way for not listening to others negative about PH, remember that our country has a freedom that no one can deny. Please explore more

  5. Thanjo Hondawavers_Manila.roadtrip
    Thanjo Hondawavers_Manila.roadtrip says:

    Yes mam. Dont go manila if you dont have a peso bills?. Whay?? Becouse that thing is very important to knw to protect your budget. Becouse some of pilipinos are madaya?? What is madaya in english?☝?? Madaya mean is wise?. Yes. wise for money. So before you go hear manila. You need important to know. Whay is peso. Your 1$ is + 50-52 pesos something like that. So thats it and welcome to the phillipoines and mabuhay???!!


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