Most AMAZINGLY Beautiful Places In America!

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  1. renegadebiker24
    renegadebiker24 says:

    You forgot as well Arkansas. Arkansas has some of the most beautiful spots in the state. Places like Devil's Den, Hobbs State Conservation State Park, and Lost Valley Hiking Trail.

  2. jill ezzell
    jill ezzell says:

    The one I like is #2. Montana is one of the most beautiful states. Personally, I don't think deserts, rock formations and a hot geyser surrounded by ugly soil/ground is pleasing to the eye. I love snowy mountains and valleys with rivers, trees and wild flowers. I think the cliffs in Hawaii are stunning also. I've always thought the cliffs by the ocean like the ones in Europe are breathtaking!

  3. Keith Sparling
    Keith Sparling says:

    I don't know… to me, ocean, mountains, plants, and trees, lots and lots of trees… So many of these "views" were of "rocks"… rocks are kind of boring, and dead… climb up these rocks to look at more rocks…
    Not for me , but I'd visit there, just nothing permanent. To each their own.

  4. C GM
    C GM says:

    Ummm… North America and South America are continents… This video is talking about the country United States of America. That said, the USA has some pretty beautiful and amazing places 🙂

  5. Flykitty
    Flykitty says:

    Dry Tortuga's was a curse when I came back from boat lol we didn't know a hurricane hit LMBO the boat was filled with people with weak stomach. But it was a remarkable place my name is somewhere there lol (I know wasn't supposed to do that)

  6. Duncan Sands
    Duncan Sands says:

    1:30 Hawaii is not America when are you imperialists going to hand it back; you took it by force; without their consent; have a referendum Yanks not allowed!

    Speaking as a Brit i just love patronising you Rebs!

  7. J-A-M Vids
    J-A-M Vids says:

    No Niagra Falls isn't more breathtaking than some random cave that looks like every other cave I've ever seen before. Trust me, I've been to a lot of caves.


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