Most BEAUTIFUL Places in North America

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42 replies
  1. Jim Green
    Jim Green says:

    Beautiful video, but I found recently that Skagit is pronounced SKADGE-it.
    San Luis Potosi is wrong, too–SAHN loo-EECE poe-toe-SEE.
    It was nice to hear about Moraine Lake, but couldn't some info have been given as to where in the world's 3rd. largest country it can be found? Not even the province was mentioned.
    I used to pronounce Atchafalaya the same way you did, but recently I found it's actually uh-chaff-uh-LIE-uh.
    Coeur d'Alene is core duh-LANE.

  2. Scott Westergren
    Scott Westergren says:

    Please, when researching for videos such as this, also look into the proper pronunciations of the places you mention. Skagit Valley, in Washington, is actually pronounced "Ska-jj-it", and the Hills of the Palouse is pronounced "Puh-loose." Lastly, there are far too many breathtaking places across the US to include here. I have personally seen many, many places so remote that they rarely garner attention…which is fine. The more unspoiled they remain, the more hikers get to enjoy those incredible views.

  3. hendrsb33
    hendrsb33 says:

    I don't know if you could boil a list like this down to 10 entries. Beauty is subjective. I live near Sedona, AZ and that didn't get brought up. Even as an American, I think this list has WAYYYY overlooked Canada. The Canadian Rockies would deserve its own Top 10 list. I'd personally vote for Maligne Lake near Jasper. I've never been to Mexico but maybe Copper Canyon should have been noted.

    Maybe this should be a Top 100 list instead…

  4. Ron Howe
    Ron Howe says:

    Horseshoe Bends on the Colorado is in Utah (Mexican Hat), not Arizona. Also the flowers in Texas are nice, but they don't hold a candle to the wildflowers in American Basin near Lake City, Colorado, high in the San Juan Mountains.

  5. Ezzy Valentine
    Ezzy Valentine says:

    The Oneonta Gorge was one of my favorite spots, anywhere in the Oregon Gorge (Oneonta, Wakina, Multnomah and horsetail falls) is beautiful! Too bad it was damaged by wildfires because a dumbass threw a firework into a canyon…

  6. Oscha Wolff
    Oscha Wolff says:

    Number 23; That is not dead which can eternally lie, and with strange aeons even death my die.

    You’ll definitely want to check out the city of R’yleh. You and you loved one can gaze in wonder at the sunken dead city of damned souls. Just be sure not to wake Cthulhu. To get there just take a quick trip to the Louisiana Bayou. Find the beautiful Cthulhu statue and get magically transported.

  7. Em De ville
    Em De ville says:

    Hawaii us not physically part of north America it was stolen from the locals a very long time ago. It is ridiculous having Hawaii part of USA as it is nowhere near it, such a joke

  8. Shady Pines Ma
    Shady Pines Ma says:

    Instead of just giving the name of the place to visit, you should have included what state they are in, some of them you did but it should have been included in all of them. Great video though.


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