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  1. northofyou33
    northofyou33 says:

    Yeah. You're not living on $600 when you're splitting rent with a partner rather than a roommate. A single person can't get an equivalent 1 bedroom apartment for half what you paid.

  2. Nomadic Trev
    Nomadic Trev says:

    My favorite city is Bangkok because I'm a skateboarder. It's so cheap and safe and chill, but so many skate spots here and the community is awesome. Cheers mate!

  3. Toto
    Toto says:

    Hello Chris, thx for the content. I have a question. As a disabled person with wheelchair is it possible to move in Chiang Mai ???

  4. Levi LCL
    Levi LCL says:

    The base in Chiang Mai going to Koh Lanta part of the year then vacation in Bali is a bit of a stereotype now, since its super common on that particular scene for Digital Nomads and before them expats keeping it on the down low for decades for family and personal vacations. Nice to see the add-ins for Mexico and Canary Islands, lets expand this scene!

  5. Dario Alexander
    Dario Alexander says:

    Didnt expect you to put Las Palmas on there but it goes to show you can always discover new places to be a digital nomad outside of the top two always mentioned: Chiang Mai and Bali. I personally love Mexico because i lived there six months and i love the people and the food but def Chiang Mai for the cost of living and quality is hard to beat.

  6. Location Rebel
    Location Rebel says:

    I think you nailed these. Playa is personally my favorite town in Mexico, and the scene in Chiang Mai has been unbelievably steady for nomads for years. Haven't been to Las Palmas, but it's been popping up quite a bit lately – so interested in checking it out.

    The big one I would add is Saigon. The digital nomad scene there is one of the most active I've seen, and the cost of living is one of the lowest you'll find. Not my favorite city from a tourist perspective, but a great one to live in. Especially if you're looking to do it on the cheap, with a lot of other ex parts working online.

  7. thinkjay
    thinkjay says:

    Chris does an awesome job with his videos! He keeps putting out consistently good and valuable information that helps all of us, keep up the good work Chris!

  8. anony
    anony says:

    Chiang Mai kicks ass!!!! Life is so convenient And inexpensive and westernized! I spent years in India and Thailand is a hundred times better than anywhere in India! the video you say that is Speed is super high and how much is it????

  9. Sean P Twomey
    Sean P Twomey says:

    Love your videos and great list of recommendations. I seem to be similar to you with regards to my favourite destinations, I just for some reason have not gotten into the whole co-working thing. Perhaps something to try more going forward. Good luck with your book, I'll make sure to check it out.

  10. Bob Brown
    Bob Brown says:

    Just a word to people from other continents who may not be aware => I have no doubt that Chris is right about Playa Del Carmen. I appreciate his information. I have not been to that specific location, hoping to go there sometime. However, nearly all of Mexico is a third world country with all the accompanying problems. Many parts of Mexico are extremely dangerous for tourists so do extensive research before you venture around. Thanks

  11. lingraj mahanand
    lingraj mahanand says:

    Great video.. I am in Chiang Mai right now. Last weekend I attended Digital Nomad Summit 2018. Awesome people from around the world attended this event. Entrepreneurs shared their experiences and challenges while running their start ups. They shared lot of useful information that would really help people who are actually planning for startups or working remotely. Most importantly I met awesome people in the event and yes my network has grown with these awesome digital nomads.

  12. Isaac Medrano
    Isaac Medrano says:

    Amazing! I'll be picking up your book as I head back to the California post my month in Chiang Mai. Thank you for sharing how you've designed your Digital Nomad lifestyle.

  13. Petter Briones
    Petter Briones says:

    I love your recommendation, actually I'm working to become a Digital Nomad, when I be one going these places.

    Success for your new book and sorry for my English, it my second language ???


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