Retire Southeast Asia Budget travel $25 A Day Retiring & Beautiful girl Retire Early

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  1. Dave Wingo
    Dave Wingo says:

    don't fall for this, I been traveling to SE Asia since 2001, you can live like a local but its not all what its cracked up to it really that much a better life to live in a place for away from the tourist areas?? , maybe for a short time but it will get boring fast. Those cheap drinks will kill you also, god only knows whats in that liquor , buyer beware

  2. 1miltond
    1miltond says:

    I love the video good for you and the ? fear on the coments is really sick Americans are sick with fear they think they by siting at home they are safe very delusional

  3. Omar Khan
    Omar Khan says:

    Visa rules have changed now and the Chinese are moving in droves building casinos esp in's becoming just as expensive as it's's not the same place anymore

  4. nickash5
    nickash5 says:

    Yeah if your home town is in South East Asia. What about inflation? If the countries start to develop, inflation will be the thing to consider if your money pool is small.

  5. TheComputec
    TheComputec says:

    $760 a month isn't cheap and doesn't cover all life's expenses does it? Clothing, transport, medical and other incidentals
    If you want to retire and live like a king for pennies there are many many other beautiful places that are much cheaper and safer

  6. Heugh Jassman
    Heugh Jassman says:

    I can't stress this enough. If you're going to go to any of these countries, do so with a partner. Doing it alone is extremely dangerous. Especially if you dont speak the language.

  7. Emillie Rolland
    Emillie Rolland says:

    Why not retire in Serbia? It's in Europe and is very, very safe. You can buy a cheap house close to the city or rent for $250. TV, Internet, electricity and water would go $70 a month. You could live on $5 a day. With $10 a day you'd be more then comfortable. Less then $500 a month and you'd be living a nice life. My friend's parents moved there from Moscow after they retired and loving it.


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