The 10 Cheapest Tourist Destinations In Europe

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The 10 Cheapest Tourist Destinations In Europe.

Exploring Europe shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and with our guide to the continent’s most affordable destinations it won’t have to. From Hungary’s capital Budapest to Krakow in Poland, we’ve lined up 10 places easy to enjoy on a shoestring budget.

Budapest, Hungary
Prague, Czech Republic
Vilnius, Lithuania
Krakow, Poland
Riga, Latvia
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Sofia, Bulgaria
Lisbon, Portugal
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Warsaw, Poland

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49 replies
  1. t45h45chum1
    t45h45chum1 says:

    I've been to all these cities and this video is a crap, Lisbon or Praha is not cheap and Dubrovnik is damn expensive, I don't know how did she get this statistic, they're capital cities, I could mention more cities which are real cheaper, not fake advertising cities like this.

  2. Ken Lee
    Ken Lee says:

    Disagree – Prices in Prague, Budapest, Vilnius, Riga are certainly not cheap – not expensive – but certainly not cheapest in Europe. For example, you can find reasonable quality hotels right in the centre of Munich at comparable prices to similar quality hotels in Prague and Budapest.

  3. Livio Andrew
    Livio Andrew says:

    Whose so idiot to consider Sofia an attraction and Bucharest not, Bucharest The little Paris of the East, the gateway between west and orient, home of the biggest European govermental building(The Parliament Palace) and second in the world, home of one of the richest cultures in Europe, its victorian style buildings, its lovely climate, its historic buildings and defintely its nightlife. Also important is that everybody knows english, everything much cheaper than in the west but expensive for romanians. However IF we make a ranking i bet its still one of the cheapest as income is not so high as in the others stated.

  4. west A
    west A says:

    the only downside to visiting these beautiful Eastern European countries is the lack of English they speak which by all means would stop you from visiting it just easier to communicate and get aroind the tourist track.
    you will find once you are in Greece it is so easier to get around


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