The Best Cruises From Four Major Cruise Lines

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  1. Carlo Santin
    Carlo Santin says:

    I did my very first cruise with Celebrity. Celebrity Equinox. It was a great experience. Wonderful ship. Spotless. Great staff. Good food. My wife and I were very happy with the experience.

  2. Joe Vancil
    Joe Vancil says:

    Jim, I'm with you about Anthem of the Seas. I hesitate to call it my favorite ship ever, because the S/S Norway was wonderful in so many ways, especially for its time, but for right now, I think Anthem is, overall, the best ship afloat. And that's saying something, because I think some things on the ship aren't up to par with what I've seen on other RCL ships. And even considering that, I'd still pick Anthem as my first choice of ship.

  3. jack grayson
    jack grayson says:

    We have cruises out of Miami 5 times, it’s a great experience, nice look at the buildings. And when u go over that bridge it’s like a gate way to heaven. Also if ur facing away from the ocean u go into a little bay, turn around and set sail, and there’s always people waving at u from other ships wishing u a happy time on your ship. ITS JUST AMAZING!!!!!

  4. vikramra7
    vikramra7 says:

    Jim Zim..your voice is superb for commentary. You were a news reader on the radio? Perfect shots too, almost shot like a professional cinematographer.

    How does the cruise ship know if you are on board or not. Suppose u step away to tour the local markets and don't make it back to the ship on time. They leave you n go.

  5. Nila Wafers
    Nila Wafers says:

    What the heck. HE ONLY MENTIONED THAT THE PRINCESS CRUISE WENT TO ALASKA BUT THE NORWEGIAN PEARL DOES THE EXACT SAME THING. Also , I'm pretty sure that the coral princess was replaced by the star princess cruise ship. BTW, I just got off the pearl and the star princess followers for pretty much the entire trip.

  6. Susan Gartner
    Susan Gartner says:

    I did enjoy your video very much, but it seems your reviews were based off of the upgraded class of suites, like the Haven areas.  It really is an unfair comparison of ships or cruise lines because so few people get to experience that kind of luxury.  We just came back from the Escape and found everything overcrowded and chaotic, particularly the only adult pool (other than the Haven pool).  We were unable to get theater or comedy reservations at all, except for one show for the entire week.  I met some Haven guests who raved about The Haven area.  They didn't have to contend with the overcrowding at the pool, or worrying about dinner or theater reservations.  They were treated in the way of the by gone days when they actually got service.  The room stewards are overworked and no longer have much incentive to provide extra service.  I rarely saw my guy and when I did, I felt terrible to ask him for anything because he was racing around like a chicken with no head.  When I started to cruise almost 45 years ago, it truly was a luxurious experience, with several table attendants assigned to each table and there was always some in the hallways to greet you or direct you.  That is no longer the case.  I felt like a pack rat being herded around.  And even with reservations there was long lines at all the restaurants.  I also found it very difficult to find any quiet places for reading a book.  It seems like the passenger capacity far outweighed the public space.

  7. Susan Gartner
    Susan Gartner says:

    Can you pre-book the Havana area on the carnival ships.  NCL doesn't allow you to pre-book the Vibe Club and it sold out before we even got on the ship.  It is like a mob scene running to Guest Services to try to get a pass.  I found it very frustrating.


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