The Best Places to Visit in New Mexico, USA

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  1. King WZRD
    King WZRD says:

    Such a beautiful state I live in I wouldn't trade it for anything. Watch out for the folk in Taos, Santa Fe, and ABQ they have little appreciation for the beauty this state holds, probably because they never leave the city.

  2. 44fastgun Hopkins
    44fastgun Hopkins says:

    Albuquerque and Santa Fe are just modern tourist traps now. I'd remove them from the list and insert El Morro National Monument and Acoma Pueblo. The view from Mt Taylor's summit will also blow your mind and is a quick and easy drive from Grants.

  3. Steve Jaramillo
    Steve Jaramillo says:

    at 701 second st supports amd involved with an illegal organization(gangstalking) and commits illegal privacy rites violations against there donors

    Mary Dave

  4. shesalover 17
    shesalover 17 says:

    Haha i pass the VLA two or three times a week, there is nothing to see? The people fucking suck all the way from Socorro to Quemado. All of you who ever consider going to NM i would suggest to find somewhere ACTUALLY INTERESTING, skip the tiny towns because the only thing beautiful about them is the clear night skies, which you can find in other places:) trust me… NEW MEXICO LICKS BALLS

  5. Fabriciano Vela
    Fabriciano Vela says:

    New Mexico is an State that many Americans believe is still part of Mexico. It is a beautiful State, economic, and not polluted or crowded and we want to keep that way. I am glad somebody showed some of its natural beauties.

  6. Drewski J
    Drewski J says:

    Some others;
    Taos Ski Valley – Amazing skiing, breathe taking fall colors, hiking
    Valle Caldera – Elk herds, hiking, horse drawn sleigh rides in the winter
    Los Alamos – Great museums on the Cold War and the making of the Atom Bomb
    Old Mesilla – Old Spanish town with Billy the Kid history
    Red River – Small mining town known for great skiing, horseback riding and beautiful mountain cabins.
    Gallup – Native American pueblo history

  7. Richard Rivera
    Richard Rivera says:

    Can't help myself. I watched this 2 nights ago and it has stuck in my craw. The vocal in this belongs more in a would be society deb with an affected accent. Can't pronounce New Mexico, says the great Taos trading gatherings took place in an ancient Chaco Canyon Pueblo that wasn't even occupied during the busy trade years. The video includes pictures of Canyon de Chely which is in Arizona. Points out "Chaco canion". Never mentioned that Santa Fe was at one time the seat of Spanish government. Says "Jim an ehz" for Jimenez. This is but a rip off of New Mexico's fame. Stupid pronunciation of "passes" – what pray tell is time "pahsess" – a New York metric of time? I'll go have a margarita now.

  8. Richard Rivera
    Richard Rivera says:

    Ridiculous affected pronunciation belongs in New York City and not New Mexico. "Jimenez" pronounced a Jim (name) en ehz – please! "Time pahses"? Please again! Chaco "canion" (sic) Please!
    No pics of Mesa Verde, one series of pix is from Arizona, no mention of Spanish Colonials. This video is just plain ridiculous. I grew up in New Mexico.

  9. Diane Comet
    Diane Comet says:

    Thanks for the list, I have grown to love NM, I was worried when my husband told me he was being relocated, but since we moved to Rio Rancho to a D.R. Horton home and it has been really lovely, its really pretty here and the people are great.


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