The Most Overrated Things about Traveling Europe

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  1. Jens Husted
    Jens Husted says:

    It's funny because without the USA, Europe would be ruled by a Kaiser or a Stalin. So me as an European can't understand my fellow European people being so ignorant and stupid. And there is no thing called an European, Europe isn't really a continent and Europeans is a bunch of countries, like the US.

  2. SpangeBab
    SpangeBab says:

    Haha Europeans are anti-American. True, but we don't express it and hurt people's feelings

    However, Americans that are anti- any country anywhere, they will express it and hurt people's feelings. Sad, but true

  3. Andreas Belaey
    Andreas Belaey says:

    Brussels isn't overrated at all. You just need to take your time to plan your trip so you can actually see everything it has to offer. Sure if you just keep wondering around the Grand Place area, there won't be 'a lot to see'. Honestly you could spend time in Brussels for days and still see new things to discover.

  4. The GenErik Show
    The GenErik Show says:

    I got to go to Europe for the first time 2 years ago for a 2 week study abroad. Went to London, Brussels and Paris. I remember saying to myself within the first hour of being in Brussels “why did we pick to go to the Cleveland of Europe”

  5. dhomy 123
    dhomy 123 says:

    I've been to England for three months but I did not blind with locals I only blend with all other countries because we were in school together how you do it? Details please

  6. Aidan W
    Aidan W says:

    What is really cheap still is southeastern Europe. Kosovo. Kosovo is honestly one of the most beautiful and welcoming countries I've ever been to.

  7. Kevin Weller
    Kevin Weller says:

    If you want to see Malta like never before come see what you've been missing. Malta is an amazing place. I highly recommend visiting and this video will help you decide.
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  8. Dayna
    Dayna says:

    I know this video is old but saying I’ve been to London I’ve seen it all then speaking about currency may confuse people. It might leave people thinking euro is the main currency in London. But of course people should do their research first


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