The Unlikely Story of America’s Best New Restaurant | Bon Appétit

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37 replies
  1. Samual Iam
    Samual Iam says:

    This style of cooking/presentation was attempted back in the 90's.

    Remember Demolition Man? "En-joy-joy your meal" A few tortilla ships and some queso out of a squeeze bottle on a slab of aluminum . "Good thing I was hungry"… SMH

  2. Rachel White
    Rachel White says:

    A lot of the people commenting aren't understanding how these types of restaurants run. You pay a set price, for here it's $65 and you get 10 courses. They're not all that small. It's well paced and you absolutely get a full meal out of it. It's about appreciating the ingredients, and the skills of the chef. It's a memorable experience and not something you do every week. Saying it's for rich snobs is ridiculous because an appetizer, drinks, and a main entree at any chain restaurant will set you back almost similar.

  3. joseph
    joseph says:

    I find that many people don't understand that the portion sizes are so small because you get several courses, the flavors are extremely intense, and the ingredients are more expensive because these chefs do a good job at sourcing local farmers for good, high quality produce and ingredients. You pay for the experience, not enormous plates of food.

  4. Violins1345
    Violins1345 says:

    Such bitter commenters.
    I mean, considering how brutal the restaurant industry is, kudos to these guys for finding a business model that works for them.
    Sorry y'all gotta rain on someone else's parade.

  5. Lindsay Daly
    Lindsay Daly says:

    LOVED this video. You can tell how much respect each of the chefs clearly have for each other, no wonder they run such a successful place. If for some reason I ever find myself in Oklahoma City, I definitely know where I want to try!

  6. juggalochef2399
    juggalochef2399 says:

    Is no one else absolutely floored and fascinated by what kind of experience a nasturtium/sweet chimichurri ice cream would taste like!? My brain is imploding trying to figure out just what that experience is like in that one dish alone!

  7. Daniel Lilley
    Daniel Lilley says:

    Anyone who is rich enough to afford this regularly rarely experiences real hunger, they can afford to eat simply for mouth pleasure. I feel bad for people who go to this place for a once in a year kind of event only to leave hungry and likely quite disappointed. Micro dishes with fussy tweezer presentation is always a short lived trend; I'm sure most people will only go there once. Read the yelp reviews, people frequently spend over $200 and leave hungry, some even end up going to another restaurant afterward. Its not a good sign if every positive review stresses you have to go into it with an open mind. Doesn't matter how good it tastes, if you're still hungry you'll never truly be satisfied. I suggest you hit up a McDicks beforehand, save ya a couple of bucks before you break the bank on what is basically pretentious overpriced tapas.

  8. Adison Norbury
    Adison Norbury says:

    I was so surprised to see that this was in okc! nothing is ever in okc! I love when I get to see large businesses/large platforms talk about us! this looks like a wonderful to eat and experience


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