Top 10 Affordable Cities to Visit in Europe (2019)

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  1. Susu's Slavebeast
    Susu's Slavebeast says:

    I've been to almost half of the cities on the list. I spent the less money in Prague and was very affordable. I measure affordability of a city through cost of accommodations and meals- not so much of prices of beer and wine. Lisbon and Athens have very affordable meal prices. Rome is rather expensive city given the admissions to most major attractions.

  2. Daria Shevchenko
    Daria Shevchenko says:

    Copenhagen is cheap if you shell out for the Copenhagen Card. With it, you have unlimited free public transit, a huge list of free attractions to see, and free entry to Tivoli Gardens (rides do cost extra.) Plenty of good food is available for not too much money, you cannot leave without trying Remoulade.

    Bulgaria is also super inexpensive, and it’s a very beautiful country so try to get outside of Sofia if you can (Burgas is a nice sleepy seaside city). People are nice, and the food is delicious and pretty much all farm to table. How cheap, 1.5 liter bottle of local mineral water was about 42 cents in a supermarket! Dinner for two at a nice restaurant in a major city, about $20!

  3. Brian Pan
    Brian Pan says:

    These videos are such bullshit. Prague, Lisbon, Dubrovnik, Rome, Florence are cheap???? Sophia, Bulgaria. Cadiz, Spain. Belgrade, Serbia. These cities are half the cost of any on your list. You can sleep and eat in Setubal, Portugal at 1/2 the cost of Lisbon and it's a 3€ 20 minute bus ride to Lisbon. And Setubal is completely amazing all on it's own. Don't be so lazy. Have you ever actually BEEN in Europe?

  4. Tosh T
    Tosh T says:

    Of the cities on this list I've visited, I'd rank affordability as: Kraków (super cheap), Bratislava, Prague, Valencia, Budapest, Lisbon (moderately cheap), Rome (very expensive). When did Rome become affordable?

  5. Alexandra Kr_
    Alexandra Kr_ says:

    Dubrovnik isn't cheap at all… and with 11 Dollars you can buy a cup of coffee not more . Of course staying somewhere outside is cheap but if you want to stay IN the city and be able to visit restaurants every day you better take more money. I have been there many times & in recent years prices have risen in tourism.

  6. ScurvyLynn
    ScurvyLynn says:

    I agree with your picks. I just came home from Prague and I still can't get over how far your money goes there, and it's not only the prices that are jaw dropping, but the beauty of the city is mesmerizing as well. Also … Budapest is my next destination! I'll get back to you on those prices when I get back. 🙂

    Safe Travels everyone!


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