Top 10 Backpacking Destinations

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  1. James Holthaus
    James Holthaus says:

    I've learned more about humanity, nature, the universe, etc., from sitting alone quietly in contemplation under a tree in a local park that I walk to than I could ever hope to learn by traveling the globe, the stars, etc. Traveling and vacationing is a symptom of our degenerated psyche. Stop looking outward and start looking inward, for the sake of humanity and this planet.

  2. Roberto Butini
    Roberto Butini says:

    Only a perfect donkey could ignore Italy. All the treasures in the whole UK couldn't compete with the sole city of Rome. And half the art masterpieces in France come from Italy. Shame on you, ignorant, please never come to Italy.

  3. Eric Green
    Eric Green says:

    Spent 13 months in Europe and visited approximately 16 different cities. Amsterdam was the most disappointing of them all. I would take London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Prague, Athens, Dubrovnik, Brussels, and Zurich over Amsterdam any day. Heck, the girls in the Red Light district were more interested in checking their cell phones than trying to entice potential clients. Very disappointing overall.

  4. Carlos silva
    Carlos silva says:

    It's SOO ridiculous that Portugal gets so overlooked with just a small reference to Lisbon. Spain is incredible, but so is Portugal with the beautiful Algarve's beaches, vineyards, medieval towns and, of course, Porto.

  5. MrMaenambeach
    MrMaenambeach says:

    This list basically sucks. Backpackers, by definition, are short of cash. You may have well included Japan as a backpacker destination. And why not? There is excellent hiking, many fine ocean scenes, towns that are as exotic as any on earth, and get this – you can drink the water and eat ANYTHING and you WILL NOT get sick. Sadly though, it's expensive. Just like most of the countries on your list. And at ten million square kilometers, Canada has a fair bit of back packing potential. As the second largest country on this planet, it should have received more than an honorable mention.

    Amsterdam? Number one? Seriously?

  6. Thais Macedo
    Thais Macedo says:

    Finland is a Nordic country but not Scandinavia! They have a different culture, mentality, language and even appearance since they are part Asians – they're more like Russians in many ways!


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