Top 10 Best Cities to Live in the USA in 2019 – Live, Retire and Raise a family

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  1. Laoagan Lester
    Laoagan Lester says:

    In my opinion, the United States of America is the most popular country in the entire world. It is not necessarily the best but I honestly, I don't know which country is the best in terms of measurements such as economic, social, geographical location, opportunities and etc. And again I certainly believe there are better countries than The US of A but certainly the country is up on the list.

  2. Jennifer Holloway
    Jennifer Holloway says:

    I totally agree with Robert Curry San Francisco is one of the most liberal cities in the U.S. so why would you want to raise your family in a city like that? If your single and you are the type of person that wants no strings attached type of lifestyle then San Francisco might be the place for you. Also, Portland Oregon is a great place for single people and jobs, but not an easy place to meet guys who will commit or who value marriage. Portland, OR is full of strip clubs, bars, aggressive homeless people, certain streets downtown are dirty, needles are often discovered in the downtown Portland Amtrack parking lot, and crime has risen within the last 15 years. I feel bad for one of the main Portland Amtrack bus drivers because of some of the stupid rude homeless people that she has to deal with on a daily basis near the Amtrak station. Some of them will even go so far as to walk right in front of her bus or yell at her from outside for no reason at all before entering the Amtrack station. If you're not used to a lot of homeless people, Portland, OR will be somewhat of a culture shock for you. Unlike some cities like Boston and Connecticut where the homeless population is in a certain part of the city, in Portland, OR the Homeless are everywhere. It's gotten so bad that there are even homeless people sleeping on the campus at Portland State University. One of my family members left Portland, OR to move to San Diego to get away from the ultra-liberal lifestyle because he thought the place would not be a good place for his children so that's saying something. If you do want a more family-friendly place I would recommend Hillsboro, Beaverton, Wilsonville, or Tualatin all four cities are very clean, less crime, and fewer aggressive homeless people that you have to deal with. I personally feel that I could have seen Portland, OR making the list for the top 10 cities to live in 15 years ago, but now, unfortunately, the city plays a different tune now. The great city that it once was is now just another city.

  3. Shaolin Matthews
    Shaolin Matthews says:

    I live in Portland Oregon honestly it’s not the best place to live I’m only here cause it’s where I grew up but crime is bad and homeless and illegal drugs are horrible and it cost so much to live here.?‍♀️?‍♀️?

  4. TheJollycoppers
    TheJollycoppers says:

    I'd have a hard time disagreeing with any of the choices (i.e. I could see the merit of each). Personally, however, I don't like crowded, expensive cities. Those factors stress me out. So, I would not even think to move to places like Arlington, VA (traffic is ridiculous) and San Francisco…could never afford it. (I'm in Annapolis, MD, expensive enough for me). I'd go somewhere like St. Augustine, FL or Charleston, SC. More affordable and people are nice.

  5. Jeffrey Bennett-Smith
    Jeffrey Bennett-Smith says:

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  6. J Hoodied
    J Hoodied says:

    I've been to all of these places with the exception to Raleigh. I'll give you my opinions:

    9. San Francisco sucks. The hills suck. Ocean Mist sucks
    8. Ann Arbor, Michigan is ok. I like the nature there. A calm peaceful place for the most part.
    7. Portland, Oregon is nice and clean. I love their super lush plant life in the rural outskirts in the spring. Never seen so much green!
    6. Seattle, Washington is a big ass city that rains too fucking much. Rain rain rain! FUCK!
    5. Scottsdale, Arizona gets dry and hot as fuck and there's no grass. It's a fucking desert!
    4. San Diego, California has beautiful weather and is really nice, but you better be rich or you're moving in the hoods with the Mexicans.
    3. Arlington, Virginia is nice for old people. Overall nice place.
    2. Austin, TX is very unique. I like hippies, so I like Austin. However, law enforcement in TX sucks. Police brutality anyone?
    1. Denver, Colorado is very cool but pricey. It definitely is Liberal, and I hate the government so word! Smoke some legal weed.

    If I was rich and stuck in the U.S., I'd move to Vail, Colorado and be the only nigga snowboarding and kayaking around those rich white folk. Not sure if I'd last though. The white men might hang my black ass for breathing their air, so I'll keep my black ass in New York. Peace Y'all.

  7. BenSavage
    BenSavage says:

    I live in SF..I'm really trying to locate q place with the least diversity. I have qn in group preference but apparently white people aren't qlliwed to have a country without constantly being call raycisssss. Leave me the f qlone, stop taxing me for your welfare.


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