Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in Asia

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These are Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in Asia According to Travel Poll 2009 By Smart Travel Asia.

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  1. RoryMcGinnity
    RoryMcGinnity says:

    Tokyo is actually really cheap. much cheaper than Australia average meal is $5-$10 water is only $1 train rides are cheap. plus so so much more stuff to do

  2. Finoy On AirTV
    Finoy On AirTV says:

    Palawan Philippines Is the best Than All of that i swear Try to search !! Its more fun in the  Philippines!

  3. nixx pairr
    nixx pairr says:

    all the best in the world is in the Philippines… come and count from the very best to worst and you'll say TRUE haha.. no endings for travel the way it should be lol… Malaysia is 10th HAHA

  4. van tran
    van tran says:

    No. you are quite wrong .Nhon Ly beach in Quinhon, Viet Nam is the most beautiful in the world . very virgine, very clean and clear. water is very cool and easy feeling .come and see.
    i will show you

  5. Supawat Prachet
    Supawat Prachet says:

    u're right. I should have backup all my travel videos as well as photos before replacing my hard disk :(. Listen Thanks to my friend allen for showing me a most reliable back up service. get to know here

  6. Lin Pug
    Lin Pug says:

    Top 10 the best location in Asia
    1: Bangkok
    2:Chiang Mai
    3: Phuket
    4: Singapore
    5: Bali
    6: Beijing
    7: Seoul and Busan
    8 Kuala Lumpur
    9 Taipei
    10: Tokyo
    Below 100: Manila, Cebuu

  7. Ruel Mindo
    Ruel Mindo says:

    of course its pretty obvious Indonesia is number 1 cause the uploader is from Indonesia..LOL.. ill make mine and definitely number 1. hahahaha

  8. Rahmat Jatnika
    Rahmat Jatnika says:

    come on .. stop arguing about penang and kuala lumpur .. you guys are arguing about 10th position .. that's not what the first position


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