Top 10 Best Places To Live In Texas In 2017

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  1. GodBlessTexas
    GodBlessTexas says:

    And btw.. Houston?? I go to The Houston Rodeo every year, but would not recommend living in the city of Houston. Pick a small town in the middle of nowhere.. I live in Midway, Tx. Bout 90 miles north of Houston. We still where boots and hats and love a quiet life. Waaayyy better than big cities

  2. Lisa  Prater
    Lisa Prater says:

    Anyone thinking about Waco, Texas? Waco was named the No 2 travel destination for 2018 by Trip advisors Choice Awards. Call me and I will tell you why Waco is Awesome and inexpensive. 254-741-1171.

  3. Mike Greer
    Mike Greer says:

    The police chief is pro sanctuary city. The mayor is a dimwit liberal! People drive drunk in the wrong lane and have deadly head in collisions all the time.many people are moving from California and driving up prices on everything. It's not a good place at all!

  4. Joya mia
    Joya mia says:

    Wow this documentary is very accurate except for what it says about San Antonio. I’ve lived in San Antonio for almost 10 years. Cost of living isn’t all that cheap there. It’s actually a wack city I don’t recommend anyone to live there! I currently live in Houston which is much better

  5. The Dark Mammal
    The Dark Mammal says:

    Avoid all of West Texas unless you're one of those super Fake Religious people and enjoy being bored out of your ass most of the time. The people can't drive worth a fuck cause they're too busy looking at their cellphones and don't know what a turn signal is, and don't let me get started on the oil fumes and the dirt storms we have regularly. Can't even keep a car clean for two days out here. Only come to West Texas if you enjoyed Mad Max so much you wanted to live in it.

  6. ntxguy
    ntxguy says:

    There is nothing in Texas worth moving there for…outside of an abundance of relatively cheap raw (and downright ugly) land and housing developments. That alone, has, at its core, been the culprit that has brought so many people to the state recently. OK, that along with corporate tax breaks for companies. The cities are flat and characterless with miles upon miles of soulless sprawl. Perhaps one of the most boring states that exist.

  7. Candy Smith
    Candy Smith says:

    The Woodlands is on the list but Katy is not? The Woodlands is very noisy…every home I viewed to purchase there you hear heavy road noise even with the thick tree setting. The town is surrounded by highways that make it noisy no matter which area of the town you are looking to live in. I was disappointed because I love the shopping and schools there. Katy is where we opted to buy. Excellent schools, medical, upscale living and shopping…close to Houston's Energy Corridor and I-10 is a much nicer freeway to travel to the city than 45N. Both of these towns are suburbs of Houston. If you are considering Houston, stick to the westside up to west of 45N on the north side of town. Grapevine, TX looks like a very nice town…near Dallas metroplex. San Antonio is like living in Mexico…if you need to move there…stick to the northside of town. There are many quaint towns close to the north side of SA for weekend getaways. Fredericksburg, Wimberly, Gruene for example…Texans call that area the Texas Hill Country. On Richardson, TX I have heard they have excellent public schools there. Austin is a tree hugger town…it's sort of the black sheep of the state even though it's the state capitol.


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