Top 10 Best Places To Retire In The World If You Want to Live a Long and Happy Life | 2018

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  1. Bambang OvrAss
    Bambang OvrAss says:

    I watched 3 videos posted by Around The World and looks like they need to do more research before they post here in You Tube. The majority of comments are mostly negatives because most users disagree on their findings which goes to show that this channel need to expand more of their research. Sorry I won't subscribe.

  2. JB
    JB says:

    Your video sucks. Use a real person to narrate instead of a computer-generated voice. The voice you used doesn't pronounce stuff correctly.

  3. stock man
    stock man says:

    Mexico is the worst place to retire , crime is very high due to the drug trade which is wide spread there , murders and killing is very common that is why they have invented this funny saint they call ; the Saint of Death , and the make celebration and offering to that saint of death to save them from the common daily killing and death .

  4. JL Jones
    JL Jones says:

    Number one Costa Rica, affordability?….No more, it is near impossible for the average person to retire in that country, I just came from there from a visit, and though it is nice, the crime it is just as bad as in some of the country in Central and South America, it might have been a great place back in the 90s, no more though..And Panama, hell no even worse, I was also there, too much crime and drug dealing is way too noticeable!!!…And Nicaragua?!!!!..Sure thing, if you want to help the rebels fight the government bomb each other in a daily basis!!!…Who the hell is making this videos?!

  5. G Host
    G Host says:

    lmao. as someone whos been there costa rica is extremely overrated. tons of drugs and prostitutes everywhere. you get ripped off if you are foreign. locals dont like gringos


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