Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Live in Europe in 2019

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  1. Beste ever Mummy
    Beste ever Mummy says:

    In Scotland I have a 2 bed 1 up in a quiet cul-de-sac with a large private garden for £368 pm including service charges hot Summers and snowy Winters. Free health, dental and free money if I am too sick to work. Wages are around 350-500 for a low to average wage. I can go any where in Europe for about £50 flight, but I'd rather stay at home as we can beach it in the Summer and ski in Winter. Scotland is cheap to get around by rail but you will be ripped off for about £100 from London to Cornwall if you go South of the border. If you want to holiday here though it will cost you £100 a night minimum for accommodation, not including tourist trap hotel food. We love tourists. I recommend a home swap to the UK as you will be charged an arm and a leg for tourist accommodation. Food, Only eat in a Wetherspoons pub who do a special every night on Tuesdays we spend £8-15 each .£10 for a 14oz steak with everything or just a steak salad if you are healthy like a lot of us Scots are outside Glasgow, a large merlot and. if you want (we don't) a dessert like a millionaires shortcake ice-cream with whipped cream and chocolate straws. We have health & safety…something you won't find in Spain, Italy, Greece or Eastern Europe, and that includes not being poisoned with our food. Oh you can't bribe our police here,r, like you can in Spain, Italy and Greece.

  2. M
    M says:

    Purchasing power would be more intresting, i guess Switzerland and Germany would be the winner. Especially Germany has high salaries but quite low prices. The food is amongst the cheapest in europe.

  3. M
    M says:

    I travelled in almost all of europe countries, and in my opinion the cheapest are Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia.

  4. sexypoetry
    sexypoetry says:

    she forgot to say that this applies only to morons…if you are not a moron you will be persecuted everywhere around the world….i's that dumbing down, you know, morons?

  5. nikola zekic
    nikola zekic says:

    Srbska Republika in Bosnia is the cheapest country in Europe to live and has only Christian whites, a town called Sipovo is my favorite , cheap cheap cheap and the women are gorgeous, you can buy a home for 20,000 euros and live on 500 euros including all your costs

  6. dacika44
    dacika44 says:

    very misleading, it's cheap for someone that work and get paid outside of these countries or have a very good job well paid, prices are cheap comparative to the western countries yes but there you will gain a lot less…at least for average ppl

  7. Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt
    Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt says:

    Latvia: You must be talking about it in the past …It is one of the most expensive country to live in. It is more expensive than the UK in food prices and accommodation and other amenities.

    Belarus: It is a Russian Speaking country with very rigid Laws and Mores that are unsuitable for Liberal Western people. You can end up in jail and stay there for ever. Furthermore, the Climate is unbearably severe. Winters are very hard to tolerate due to non available modern climate control. General attitude is 'hibernation'…Most people are xenophobic and don't like Americans. Of course, there is a tiny upper-crust that lives a great life and they do not like change. Who would? Your estimates are way down than reality.

    Czech Republic was, not any more … streamlining to European Union Standards has made it expensive and the cost of living is rising all the time …even the beer has become expensive ..

    Georgia has the most difficult language to learn and be proficient. Yes, it is still a great place to live, at least, for a while. For how long? Nobody knows.
    Your forgot Armenia. That is really really a great place for an English Speaking person.

    Lady you are truly living in a cuckoo land. America is the least expensive country for ordinary people to earn a decent living, except Healthcare and Education, both stink. The Healthcare Cost in a European Union Country for a Non European Union Member is much higher than the US.Dental Care is very Expensive. Fighting Authorities is well neigh impossible …

    You must do your homework and do not beguile your audience.

    All these countries have very difficult languages for an English Speaking person. I have lived and worked in all these countries. Believe you me, life for ordinary expat is not that easy. The locals expect every expat to be rich. When they find out it is no so, they turn on ….

    So, please stop giving them false hopes …


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