Top 10 Cheapest Places To Live In Europe

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  1. Irving Von Luxembourg
    Irving Von Luxembourg says:

    Don’t believe this. There’s no way you’ll pay 6 dinars a night in Serbia. Roughly they give 100 dinars per dollar. That means that if they charge 6 dinars a night, you’d be paying $6 cents on the dollar per night. I would quit my job and live there if this were true. This is a big lie don’t believe it.

  2. Jason V.
    Jason V. says:

    I am American, worked and lived on "a great Polish" salary In Warsaw. It was NOT cheap by any means….and Polish people work much longer hours than Americans. This video is a joke.

  3. Lionel Latoszek
    Lionel Latoszek says:

    The figures quoted for Warsaw and Krakow in Poland are absolute nonsense, unless you stay in a low-down, scummy hostel with 10 people to a room about 20 km from the city and eat a can of baked beans for every meal. Starting at $100 a day would be closer to the truth.

  4. neo
    neo says:

    Accommodation is at least 3 times that If you can find a half descent place. Clothing, electronics is the same price as G8 countries. Eating out is inexpensive. presently living in Kyev.

  5. bath tub
    bath tub says:

    Lol theres nothing cheap for us in belgrade. Most of belgrade citizens struggles coz of high prices. Average pay in serbia is 300$ and minimum is 200$. But a average family cant survive without 500$/month. It can be only cheap to americans

  6. Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 says:

    problem with this "cheapest" cities are that they are only cheap if you have bigger monthly incomes of rich western countries!! 70% of poeples in Zagreb have 500euro monthly wages so for them are not cheap!!


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