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  1. Ariel L
    Ariel L says:

    I live 20 mins from Midlothian IL where Bachelors Grove is. I've been there a few times twice at nite (cops patrol the area now so we had to go thru the woods to get there last time) but I never saw anything supernatural. Weirdest thing that happened is all of our flashlights dying at once. I've never seen a ghost or anything altho I've gone to many haunted places. Maybe ghosts just don't appear to some ppl?

  2. Stephanie Hanley
    Stephanie Hanley says:

    Do a story on the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis!! I live just 40 mins from downtown StL and love hearing about the Lemp family.
    Did you know the Lemp family owned land throughout St Louis County, and they’d name streets after their family.
    I used to clean a house on Lemp land, it was haunted too… creepy!!

  3. Brigham
    Brigham says:

    Omg! The Villisca Axe Murder house is on this list!!! 😀 My hometown is only about 45 minutes from Villisca!! 😀 Maybe I just think it's cool because I'm an Iowan. But it's pretty damn awesome!

  4. madelyn hamilton
    madelyn hamilton says:

    3:09, Waverly Hills Sanatorium also had a Christmas light event. I went the first year they had it. I don't know if they continued to do it, but it was certainly creepy to be there. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium also does a haunted house every year for Halloween.

  5. Fluffy Kat
    Fluffy Kat says:

    I've always been interested in ghosts and the hereafter. I don't believe in ghosts or hauntings, witches or vampires. But I think the reason they fascinate me is because they're impervious to the scientific method. Death is just a solid black wall, looming and unknowable until we've had our three-score and ten. I really hope there's more to this world than this life because I've always wanted to meet people like John Locke or Socrates.

  6. Chris Nemec
    Chris Nemec says:

    #11: Presidio La Bahia, Texas: This fort was originally built by the Spanish in the 18th century. When Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1820, the Mexicans went and massacred all the soldiers in the fort at the time. However, in 1845 the fort was the site of the Goliad massacre. Over 300 Texas soldiers were surrounded by Mexican forces and captured. The Mexican general then ordered their deaths. The dead soldiers were then dumped in a nearby field where they became coyote food. It is also said that many of the wives of these soldiers were forced to watch their husbands get executed, and then were abused and treated like slaves after this. When Texas became independent, Mexican soldiers set fire to what little was left of the bodies, and insured they would never get a proper burial. Since this time, it has been reported that the place has been haunted by many of the dead soldiers and their abused wives.

  7. TabbyclawProductions
    TabbyclawProductions says:

    I think this ghost stuff is bullcrap. If ghosts could become visible, move stuff, and make noise, why the heck would they waste their ability scaring people?! They wouldn't! If ghosts were real, than their "encounters" would be more like the average conversation with a passerby, but about the afterlife, so they could help scientists uncover the mysteries of death and soul.


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