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  1. Kathryn C
    Kathryn C says:

    I too love Yosemite. Might want to mention that reservations for valley campgrounds must be made (4 months ahead), especially in summer. Also, campgrounds in the park (National Park Campgrounds in Yosemite) have no hookups. It is totally dry camping with restricted generator hours. Just a heads up!

  2. Jax White
    Jax White says:

    Hi! We have just enjoyed your videos! I have a question. Do you need your passport to drive into Canada? I have mine but the bf doesn’t. Would a birth cert do passing over?

  3. Kristin Vinson
    Kristin Vinson says:

    Love watching you guys! So fun and informative! And…you're from AZ too! Next time you're in town, I'd love to meet! One thing I have to share though….Zion is pronounced Z-eye-un, not Z-eye-on. (I'm originally from Utah) Keep up the fun videos!

  4. Wanderland Travelers
    Wanderland Travelers says:

    Can't wait to cross over into Canada on our travels — wow wow wow! Thanks for the inspiration and ideas. We would definitely have an incredibly hard time picking favorite places but whenever people ask us, we always mention Hwy 395 in California. That whole stretch: Tahoe to Lone Pine is stunningly beautiful. Did you visit Mono Lake in Lee Vining?? Incredible place. Also, Oregon is our home state so we loved the love you threw at it…it's just a phenomenal place, every part of the State. If you haven't heard of the Wallowas, put it on your list for next time. Cheers guys!

  5. John Smith
    John Smith says:

    I love your Vlog. I live in NC. On the coast. I am a paramedic, so time to travel is sometimes hard to find. Last August however my girlfriend and I stayed in Boone NC. The Camp Ground was Grand Father Camp Ground. The prices were very reasonable. There is an amazing amount of stuff to do near by. From out doors to shopping or even a tour of the Bailtmore House. I was wandering if you were planning on ever heading east, lol. I know the appalachian mountains aren't as huge as the Rockys but you should see it.

    We have a Forest River Wild Wood
    Its a front kitchen and rear queen bedroom on a slide.
    So a Super slid for the booth and couch, and one for the queen bed.
    No issues pulling into the Camp Ground.

    Thanks for taking the time and sending out your journey.

  6. Cindy Huff
    Cindy Huff says:

    Love your channel and went back through and realized I had missed some in Season 3. Your video's are so much better than anyone else that I have seen who are documenting their RV living and part of it is because Marc & Tricia are so comfortable in front of the camera and lots of interesting facts to boot!

  7. Warren Kennedy
    Warren Kennedy says:

    I just found you on Utube and I enjoyed this video and a few others you have posted. We are planning a year trip ourselves across Canada and down the west coast so I am taking notes ?. But I don't actually recall in this video if you specifically mention that Banff and Lake Louise are in the Province of Alberta. You say British Columbia a lot but never say Alberta. I guess I will have to watch you again in case I just missed it. Not a problem since you are very fun to watch. My husband just came back from a few days at Lake Louise. Lots of snow and was still snowing the day he left. You think it is beautiful in the summer, well the winter pictures he took are breathless. If I was able to post one you just might change your mind about which is your favourite Whistler or Lake Louise ?. I look forward to catching up on more videos. You must try the Canadian East Coast someday! By the way I am not from either BC or Alberta but I love Canada from one end to the other ❤️. We are venturing to Tennessee this summer but only have 2 weeks unfortunately. Can't wait for camping season.

  8. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    I still can't figure out if you all made it to glacier National Park or not, … I'm guessing you didn't because I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere yet in any of these videos. It would surely have to be # 1 or 2 next too Banff . You went right by my front door in one video i watched when you came back through the border at Sweetgrass so i know you were close . Anyway love your videos I'll be watching and waiting. Love love love these videos ?? ???

  9. Anne Bell
    Anne Bell says:

    I am watching old video's as I always learn something new…So glad you guys LOVED Canada. Canadians are always joked about for being "polite" and of course we end all our sentences with "eh"…LOL…I am certainly proud of those jokes…Glad you were welcomed and sure hope you return. The eastern coast of Canada is stunning as well if you ever get really ambitious…but I might have to warn you (drum roll plz) you wont find as many upper crust rv parks on the east…LOL…You guys have seen some wonderful places and I cant thank you enough for the run down on what to see etc… I had to chuckle when the hubby was trying to explain about the place the boys got the jobs…LOL…YOUR HUSBAND IS A SNOB…haha…when you said it was kind of "state park'ish" I couldn't help but wonder "What's wrong with that?" …LOL…I guess the hubby likes his amenities and luxury…LOL…and that's ok too…I personally have no problem with "state park'ish" as full time rv'ing comes with that…goodness gracious, I would have a good old belly laugh to see him stay a night in "slab city"…LOLOL…ok ok, even I wont spend a night there…haha…I am so sorry you didn't make it to Jasper…what a treat to see that with ones own eyes…it is stunningly beautiful and awe inspiring as to what a perfect little place should look like…hopefully you will get another chance to see that…happy travels folks…love the video's … and as always, remember "It's a Wander-FULL Life" indeed! Stay safe and stay well.

  10. Keith Simpson
    Keith Simpson says:

    Great video as usual thanks for sharing, Fantastic to see all your travels and especially your top 10. Living in Ontario you have deffinatly got BC as well as the U.S. on our bucket List.

  11. Richard Palmanteer
    Richard Palmanteer says:

    Season 3 was great, enjoyed the videos and all the great places you all went. Now to watch season 4. Viewing from a warm RV here in Oklahoma is good too. Hope to see you on the road someday. Enjoy the journey, I know I will. ?☃️❄️

  12. ThisAmazingLife
    ThisAmazingLife says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed BC so much…we are an expensive little province to be sure! How were you able to find camping accommodation in the middle of the summer without reservations?

  13. Remi Tremblay
    Remi Tremblay says:

    Good morning,
    Thanks for all of the ideas on the west coast! Can't wait to visit.
    Now, being from Montréal, Qc, you need to visit the east coast – come and visit the provincial parks in the province – some will blow your mind – Gaspesie peninsula (St-Laurence River Drive all along), north coast of the river – you can access the great water dams of Hydro-Quebec (look it up, it's unbelivable). 
    Then, there are the Maritimes – Prince Edward Island, Halifax (Titanic cemetary), New Found Land (ferry to and back) with Gros Morne National Park…the vikings were there a long time ago…and you can still see some of it!
    As you said, there is so much to see while camping!
    Thanks again for all of your videos – really appreciate your travelling ideas.
    Happy Camper
    Montréal, Qc. Canada.

  14. Wander where to go next
    Wander where to go next says:

    We have loved watching your videos and you have been an inspiration to us. It is amazing that you are giving your children a chance to to broaden their horizons by taking them on this adventure with you. We have just completed season one of our channel Wanderingwithwhiskey. So it's time for some regrouping in Mexico for the next 3 months to finalize some videos and get some logistics going. But starting in the spring of 2018 we will be taking our channel on the road touring the land side of things. Your knowledge has been invaluable to us. We are glad you enjoyed our home province of BC. Here's hoping we see you on the road and get the chance to meet you in person. Thanks again for all your insight and if you can give us one holy grail piece of advice what would it be?…Cheers

  15. Deb Eisemann
    Deb Eisemann says:

    I love this, very helpful information. I would love you to talk more about the state part type sites. Are style will be more dry camping and simple, wifi not neccessary at least part of the time. we will have a small rig, hoping for 25 foot with mobility being one of our goals. but I know you cant meet everybodys needs here.

  16. Betsy Wicks
    Betsy Wicks says:

    Us British Columbians don’t like to admit that Banff and Jasper are in Alberta. Next time be sure to visit the Columbia Ice Fields. They won’t be there forever.


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