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  1. Just Lord
    Just Lord says:

    my hometown is number 4. I was born there and left when I was 4 in 1984 when my father who was US Army got orders to move to Frankfurt, Germany. I grew up on the Jersey Shore on Fort Monmouth but why the hell did I move back to Camden in 2014 with my son? Not much has changed still crime and drug infested reason I got the hell out this year. Yes it has been a threshold to the Democratic Party for decades with a string of corrupt mayors, judges, and police force. Reason why I voted for President Trump in 2016 by just looking around the area I was in. Thank God I got my son out of there as my father did with me over 30 years ago. They are building up down town with new infrastructure expanding across the city and hopefully in the near future it will change.

  2. Tomcaatt
    Tomcaatt says:

    Memphis is the same old sleepy town ( not city) that it’s ALSWYS been ( in the day time and early evening )! So, HAVE FUN !
    How many in the day time or early evening ? None .
    Let the monkeys and snakes and vampires have the night , and you’ll be just fine !!!
    I give this video an F , for MIS INFORMATION !

  3. Travel Jibaro
    Travel Jibaro says:

    I drive through East Saint Louis or ride the train to STL and have to go through East Saint Louis and that place looks disgusting, everything falling apart, there’s barely any people left, it looks like armageddon hit that place! Nothing but Titi Bars and Liquor Stores. My co-workers cousin got robbed at the McD’s drive thru.

  4. Dominick Toran
    Dominick Toran says:

    St.Louis has a real problem, highest murder rate in nation ! if u notice our city makes the list twice . Baltimore bad as well but only got the us today # 1 ranking because fbi didnt include st.Louis statistics this year

  5. Haohmaru HL
    Haohmaru HL says:

    Why do people in such a first world country behaves like some savages from third world country? Hell, even in some third world countries its much safer and they don't have such ridiculous quantity of crazy people. American society is weird..

  6. Haohmaru HL
    Haohmaru HL says:

    Surprised Chicago isn't here. The only piece of trivia that everyone keeps saying about Chicago is that if you come to Chicago you stay there (because you would be killed, duh)

  7. Brian Cook
    Brian Cook says:

    Memphis died after Elvis Presley died. Pigeon Forge will die if Dollywood ever shuts down and gets replaced with government-funded apartment buildings. Hide your wife, hide your dog, hide your kids, lock your doors, and buy a gun.


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