Top 10 most secluded towns in United States of America. Some Footage from FreewayJim

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  1. George Lewis
    George Lewis says:

    If you had another list of the 10 most secluded towns off the pavement, then Jarbridge Nevada should make the list. It is about 60 miles from the pavement in one direction and 20 miles in the other. My sources say it has a post office, fire dept, gas station, bar and motel.

  2. pat sow
    pat sow says:

    Regarding your comment on. Robert, the closest big-city to point Roberts is actually Vancouver not Seattle, unless you’re referring to just US cities. Point Roberts isn’t really that secluded considering it’s very close to south delta, Which has decent size communities and a big new mall. You’re right as far as it being an oddity a lot of Canadians living in the area see no reason why point Roberts is part of the US As well as a large part of Ontario is also below the 49th parallel

  3. non yayet
    non yayet says:

    i would do a separate channel for other countries, there are so much more "top 10's" you can do for america. as they saying has it, "if its not broken, don't fix it" you are obviously doing well staying here, and trying to educate while humor folks here.

    unlike so many channels, at least you do some research and have a decent amount of reality in your details.

  4. Shaneb73
    Shaneb73 says:

    He said, "he hadn't had another conversation with another HUMAN BEING in 27 years", and you make fun of him by saying, " what was he doing, communicating with forest creatures"? Uh, "forest creatures aren't HUMAN BEINGS dumbfuck! Maybe he was just tying to avoid idiots like YOU!!

  5. don d
    don d says:

    Has anyone told you about Hyder, Alaska? It is located on the Cassier/ Stewart highway. It is also reached by entering into Canada and then back into the USA. It is a beautiful drive but very isolated. We had no phone signal for ost of the trip.


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